Innovative Leadership

Course typeExchange
Course sector
Course duration5 months
SemesterAutum (Sept. - Febr.), Spring (Jan. - July)
For partners ofSchool of Applied Psychology & Human Resource Management

When you picture yourself as a leader in an organization, what do you see? Will you be innovating organizational structures? Speaking daily to people from various cultures? Using creative processes to select the employees of the future? Or coaching your colleagues to discover their strengths? Are you curious to find out about your own capabilities as a leader? Then the minor Innovative Leadership is a great experience for you!

The programme

We are taking you on a leadership journey that shows you the paradoxes leaders are dealing with nowadays. In the world around us new technologies are taking over: employees and leaders are expected to be creative and innovative. Leaders need to work together with people from various cultures in which time zones are no longer a boundary. The paradoxes you will face are related to the following questions:
• How can you inspire to the max and communicate like a pro without manipulating?  
• How can you see change as a must yet still value traditions in an organization?  
• How can you claim room to be creative and still be efficient and effective?  

This new reality means that leaders need to possess the ability to adjust themselves easily, to be creative, to think innovatively and to motivate the human capital in an organization.

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The structure of the programme

  • You’ll be working in interdisciplinary teams, individually, in class and within real-life organizations with real cases;
  • The courses are highly focused on skills with a fundament of theory;
  • The course is offered twice a year, during two consecutive 10-week periods.

The courses are:

The Bright and the Dark Side of Leadership

In this course you will not only learn about the effects of various positive forms of leadership, you will also understand how easily this could shift towards a dark side of leadership. This all will be done by applying various leadership theories to real cases.

Flexible Management

Due to daily changes, corporate life demands increased flexibility and requires using a diverse set of skills to adequately respond to these changes. This course prepares you for a selected spectrum of everyday challenges and conversations that take place in corporate life: from being a supportive coach to bringing bad news.


In this course you learn about basic psychological phenomena such as personality, values, ethical thinking, emotional intelligence and problem solving, and the role they play in managing people in an organizational context. At the same time you get to know yourself better by applying your new knowledge of these phenomena to yourself and how you prefer to work and manage people.

Creative Problem Solving

In this course you work in multi-disciplinary teams and develop your creativity skills. You apply these skills to solving a reallife problem from a real client. You learn from your projectteam, your client and your trainers. The form of your advice is also creative: you pitch your advice in the form of a self-made video.

Leadership Communication

In this course, you will practice communication with complicated people in complicated situations. What can you do when conflicts arise at the work floor, politics are part of the daily deal, or when fellow co-workers are just being verbally aggressive towards you?

Intercultural Communication

In this course, you learn about different cultures and the way this influences organizations. The world becomes a smaller place due to globalization, but do we know how
various cultural perspectives influence us in the way we think, perceive and act? Globalization means so much more than different time zones.

Traditional versus Innovative HRM

Why and what does an innovative leader need to know about HRM? This course provides you with modern knowledge and insights about how you can make HRM more effective and efficient without sacrificing the trust relationship between employer and employee. We will explore recent developments and challenges in HRM in comparison to the traditional work policies and practices.

The programme Innovative Leadership is open for second – or higher year bachelor students. Command of English at least level B2, as described by the CEFR.


For more information about the programme please contact Mrs. Wieke Ankersmit (