IT Service Management and Security

Course typeExchange
Course sectorIT
Course duration5 months
SemesterFall 2017 (Sept. - Jan.)
For partners ofSchool of Creative Technology

An organization’s data is its lifeblood, now more than ever. Likewise, protecting the availability, confidentiality and integrity of those data is more important than ever. On the other hand, attacks against the availability, confidentiality and integrity are getting more and more sophisticated and ubiquitous. Cyber criminals are no longer solitary hackers, they are well organized and well-funded.

This means information security is getting more complex. Professional information security requires both organizational policies, checks and balances and technical measures. A professional security specialist should know about policies, standards, laws and regulations, and of course should have a solid knowledge of security technologies.

The minor IT Service Management and Security focuses on the following competences:

  • Development of knowledge of information security standards and best practices
  • Formulating information security policies and information security plans conforming to the current standards
  • Designing and implementing technical IT security measures that realize the information security plan
  • Testing the effectiveness of technical  IT security measures.

The minor consists of 4 theoretical units (15 ECTS total) and a project of 15 ECTS.

  • Information security (3 ECTS): Quartile 1
  • Network Security (4 ECTS): Quartile 1 and 2
  • Penetration Testing (4 ECTS): Quartile 1 and 2
  • Society, Ethics and Reflection (4 ECTS): Quartile 2
  • Integral Project (15 ECTS): Quartile 1 and 2

Quartile 1: the first 10 weeks

Students will get practical and theoretical course units on:

  • Information security overview
  • Information security policies and plans
  • Standards in information security
  • Risk analysis
  • Audits
  • Theory of security technologies
    • VLANs
    • Firewalls
    • VPN
    • Honeypots, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention
    • Cryptography
  • Theory and practice of penetration testing

Students will also do the first part of their project:

  • Formulating a project plan
  • Researching security best practices
  • Risk analysis of the provided case

Quartile 2: the last 10 weeks

Students will continue getting practical and theoretical course units on:

  • Theory of security technologies
    • Kerberos
    • Federation services
    • Private Key Infrastructure
    • Cloud security
  • Theory and practice of penetration testing
  • Legal aspects of security
  • Ethical aspects of security

Students will also finish their project

  • Formulate a security plan
  • Design technical security measures
  • Realize a proof of concept
  • Testing the security measures

This exchange programme is meant for 3rd year and higher bachelor students of ICT (Software Engineering, IT Service Management, Business IT). Students from other studies can also participate, but some experience with and intermediate level knowledge of networking technologies is required. Deadline to enrol is May 15th If housing is required, deadline is May 1st.

For more information about the IT Service Management and Security programme please contact Margriet de Vos.

The ever increasing need for security professionals guarantees plenty of job opportunities. This programme will give the student a solid basis on which a career as IT security professional can be built. There is no end of the race between cyber criminals and security professionals in sight, so the long term career prospects are excellent.