Managing Innovating Organisations

Course typeExchange
Course sectorBusiness
Course duration5 months
SemesterSpring (Febr. - Jul.)
For partners ofSchool of Business, Building & Technology

Nowadays innovating organizations performing economic activities are confronted with a complex environment that is changing rapidly. This Exchange programme offers an opportunity to develop your knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to cope better with this complex and dynamic innovation environment. The programme focuses on product and process technology development (new value creation), management of innovation, value creation, value chain and value chain management.

The minor is useful for students aspiring a managerial career in national and international businesses. More specific, students who want to carry out work activities related to innovation teams, organization change teams, product development teams and process development teams but also are favouring entrepreneurship, will feel very comfortable with this minor.

The programme is taught in a mixed classroom: the programme is open to international exchange students as well as Saxion home students and students from other Dutch Universities of Applied Science.

Upon successful completion of the Managing Innovating Organisations exchange programme you will have acquired:

  • knowledge about behaviour of individuals and groups in organization
  • knowledge base covering the above-mentioned areas;
  • methodological research skills to cope effectively with a broad spectrum of innovation issues in practice;
  • a critical approach to using innovation concepts for problem solving practices in relation to decision-making;
  • advanced experience with regard to the preparatory activities when organizations have to be redesigned in relation to their innovation processes;
  • stimulants to explore analytical abilities and conceptualizing skills to cope with complex situations related to technology-oriented innovation;
  • a systematic approach regarding problem solving, in an interdisciplinary way.
  • improved interpersonal communication skills.

To develop these skills, the programme includes several kinds of educational activities, including company visits, tutoring and counseling. We expect a proactive learning approach including effective interactions (group discussions), and an activity driven learning attitude especially related to research projects. This approach covers topical cases and modern organizations involved for executing problem-solved based innovation management research.

The following modules are offered in the Managing Innovating Organisations programme:

Management & Organization (3 ECTS)
In this module you will develop your knowledge and understanding of the fundamental aspects of management and organisation to support the growth of the enterprise.

Supply Chain Management (4 ECTS)
In this module you will develop your knowledge and understanding in describing and analysing the concepts of Supply Chain Management (SCM). As a result of this module you will create a supply chain plan based on actual business processes to create customer value and improve supply chain performance.

Technology & Innovation Management (5 ECTS)
In this module you will develop your knowledge and skills in the field of describing and analysing innovation. Here, innovation will be divided into three main areas: product-, process- and market innovation. You will also become familiar with management issues concerning these areas for developing an innovation plan.

Leadership (5 ECTS)
In this module you will develop your knowledge and skills in the field of management and leadership. Topics in this module will include personal characteristics, behaviour of people in organisations and communication.

Financial Management (5 ECTS)
In this module you will develop your understanding of the key principles in corporate finance. As a part of this module you will design different financial models, and will learn about the contextual positives and negatives of these models.

High-tech Start-up Research about Entrepreneurial behaviour (5 ECTS)
In this module you will perform in-depth research into a high-tech start-up company. The goal of this module is to learn about entrepreneurial behaviour in a practical setting. By involving you in research about entrepreneurship in a systematic way, hopefully you will be inspired to become an entrepreneur yourself. Please note: this does not mean that you have to start up your own business, but you might get inspired to take a leading role in doing things differently.

Project: Innovation in Practice (4 ECTS)
In the project “Innovation in practice” you will work together in a group to write an innovation plan for a real company, integrating the knowledge acquired in the other modules. In the innovation plan, besides technological and innovation aspects, you have to take into consideration financial, organizational, supply chain and leadership consequences involved with the innovation process of the company.

The Managing Innovating Organizations program is open for students from universities with which Saxion has an exchange agreement, for example in the field of LLP-ERASMUS, or any other bilateral exchange agreement.