Course typeExchange
Course sectorHealth Care
Course duration5 months
SemesterSpring (Febr. - July)
For partners ofSchool of Health department Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy may be divided into a number of subdisciplines. This course is all about musculoskeletal indications, with manual therapy and sports physiotherapy as related specialisations.
The course is all about manual therapeutic and sports physiotherapeutic diagnostics and treatment. The emphasis in the first part of the course is on the build-up of connective tissue and tissue recovery. This is linked to the teaching of manual mobilisation skills, such as three-dimensional arthrogenic mobilisations. The second part of the course deals with exertion physiology and the study of training, where the focus lies more on sports physiotherapy. Communication and the issue of how to influence behaviour are also discussed.
In addition to coursework on manual therapy and sports physiotherapy, an important part of the minor is set aside for research skills. This means learning how to compile a research plan.

The course consists of lectures, practical training and self-study. Lessons are given in two successive quarters, namely Q3 and Q4. They take the form of a mix of formal lectures, interactive sessions, presentations, group discussions, intercollegiate meetings, etc.

Learning outcomes

You will develop both screening, diagnostic and therapeutic competences from the perspective of a care provider, as well as research competences from the perspective of the development of the profession.
In addition to attending regular lectures, you will be expected to spend a large amount of time on self-study assignments and on practical training exercises.

Having passed your propaedeutic examination of at least a Bsc. course in Physiotherapie.

In addition, you need a good understanding of English in reading, writing and speaking. For our English taught Bachelor and Master programmes, an academic IELTS with an overall band score of 6.0 (six) is required.

The course is intended for full-time students of physiotherapy. Teaching modules are planned every six months, on different days of the week, depending on the availability of (both in-house and visiting) lecturers.

More information

For more information about the programme please contact Mrs. Marjon van Zalk (