Exchange Sustainable International Business

Course typeExchange
Course sectorBusiness
Course duration5 months
SemesterStarting date: September 2018

Companies are increasingly being held responsible for effects of their products, processes and services on society. These effects concern environmental aspects (planet) and social aspects (people) in balance with the economic aspects (profit/prosperity). This responsibility is in literature nowadays called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Important items concerned are: climate change; clean water; child labour; biodiversity; human rights; occupational health and safety; poverty etc.

In this short course we will focus on how companies take their responsibility and try to manage and improve these items in balance with their daily business. Being aware of international economic development (globalisation) and sustainability companies use management-systems, sustainability-programs and publish sustainability reports to implement this Corporate Social Responsibility in their organization.

The short course (30 ECTS) contains three modules and one project:

1. Introduction Sustainable Development 3
2. Sustainability and Globalisation 9
3. Managing Sustainability in Business 9
Project “Sustainable Internationale Business” 9
During the introduction module lectures will be scheduled about sustainable development
principles and developments. The associate-professor (and members of his research-group) on Sustainable Development from Saxion will present results of their research programme.
In modules two and three lectures will be scheduled by several (guest)teachers from different academies within (and outside) Saxion. Corporate Social Responsibility will be approached from different angles. Besides being present at the lectures we ask students to participate active in the debate. In the project we will work in interdisciplinary groups on real-life projects with
international companies.

Specific requirements
Having successfully passed the propaedeutic exam of a bachelor programme.

You can find General Entry Requirements here.

As companies pay more and more attention to sustainability as an important strategic aspect the need for professionals trained on sustainability and international business is increasing.

Jobs can be found at ’sustainability’ departments in larger companies or at intermediate organizations (sectors/branches) for small and medium sized enterprises.