Teacher training for European Competences

Course typeExchange
Course sectorEducation
Course duration4 or 5 months
ECTS15 to 30
SemesterSpring (Feb. - Jun.)
For partners ofSchool of Education

The course was developed in the Face-it Project subsidized by the European Union. The course is taught in  “the International Class” since 1996, which gave students from abroad the opportunity to follow a course in the Netherlands. At the same time Dutch students had the opportunity to follow a course taught in English. These starting points have remained the same. Taking part in this international minor course means that you are working on European Competences to broaden your view on Education or even to become an International Teacher or a Coordinator of International Projects at your future school.

The course content was developed against the background of globalisation and intensifying the contacts between European Universities. The increasing importance attributed to the development of knowledge in our information society has considerable consequences for education in schools and in teacher training.

International Class

In the Netherlands in the last two decades a shift has taken place in the school curricula from reproductive to active participated learning. This way of learning will be experienced by the students who participate in the International Class. For you as a student it means you learn by experience and search for information autonomously. The teacher has an important role in active learning about culture, cultural heritage, as well as European and world citizenship. Because of the internal market and mobility within Europe it will become more and more important to learn foreign languages at an early age. Teacher training must prepare future teachers for the more internationally oriented education of the future. The course takes all these aspects into account.

Saxion University of Applied Science / APO Enschede
ECTS credits: 30 (5 month) or 16 credits (3 month) 2016

Teacher Training for European Competences

Course code


ECTS per course

Total ECTS


Teacher Training for European Competences – Basic Programme 16 ECTS ( 3 months)


IM 1

European Professionalism


Introduction in Dutch culture and education



Preparation on the course / Comparative education



School Concepts



New Teacher education



IM 2

European Diversity - Multiculturalism





IM 3

European Identity Cultural Heritage


Cultural Heritage



IM 4

European – World Citizenship





IM 5



English Language Skills / learning

  • a. Reading
  • b. Writing
  • c. Listening
  • d. Speaking – productive
  • e. Speaking –interactive
  • f. Self-regulated learning
  • g. Learning strategies - methods



IM 5

Dutch Language






Research Practical 9 ECTS
(choice for foreign students/ 5 months)


IM 6




IM 7

Appreciative Inquiry



IM 8

Proposal International project



IM 9

Policy advise primary school






Internationalisation at Home/
Broaden your horizon 5 ECTS
(choice for foreign students/ 5 months)


IM 10

Internationalisation at Home/Broaden your horizon
Excursion to Brussels




Total of all credits Maximum of 30



The course is open to 3rd and 4th year Bachelor students in a Teacher Training programme.

The students’ home institution must have an Inter Institutional Agreement (IIA) with Saxion Teacher Training College. To apply as an exchange student for this course, please contact the International Office at your home institution. Once your home institution has nominated you for this course, they will contact our International Office (internationaloffice.slh@saxion.nl). If our International Office agrees with your nomination, you can apply by completing our application form.

If you have any questions please contact Erica Staverman: e.a.e.staverman@saxion.nl.