Tourism Management

Course typeExchange
Course sectorHospitality
Course duration5 months
SemesterFall (Sept. - Jan.), Spring (Febr. - July)
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Hospitality Business
The hospitality industry is the world’s fastest-growing industry. As a result of continuing globalisation, an increasing number of people are in need of accommodation away from home and are demanding excellent service in an international context. The dynamics of the industry brings increased competition, changing customer needs and demands, emerging new markets and a growing number of people with international travel experiences. These issues need to be addressed by a focus on innovation, such as the development of new hospitality concepts and the implementation of new technologies.

In addition to Tourism Management, we offer two other exchange programmes in the hospitality business: Hotel Management and Hospitality Business Semester.

Tourism Management 
In this semester, you learn how to successfully lead a business in the international tourism & leisure industry as a manager, entrepreneur or consultant. You learn to translate the wishes of your guests into appealing and innovative tourism and leisure concepts. Tourism is a fast-growing industry that offers excellent employment opportunities throughout the world. Many companies – including golf resorts, theme parks, tour operators, museums, hotels and bungalow parks – provide relaxation and travel experiences to visitors and tourists.

Tourism Management students
Tourism Management is the ideal programme for people with a flair for languages, creativity, conceptual thinking, commercial insight and a service-minded approach. In addition to management skills, considerable attention is paid to professional skills and theory in order to help you develop the right attitude for the hospitality sector.


1. Entrepreneurship in Tourism Management

This is a 2nd-year semester on our Tourism Management course. The complete semester is worth 30 European Credits (EC). Classes are held in Deventer. You not only gain a lot of knowledge about the sector, but also develop your management skills.

Course content
The Tourism Management exchange programme comprises the following modules:
- Entrepreneurship in Tourism Management (12 EC)
During the first quarter you learn about all aspects of product management. The lectures and learning tasks are based on real-life practical situations. Furthermore, you compete with other students in a virtual Tour Operating Game. During the second quarter you write a business plan for acquiring and running an existing leisure property, somewhere in Europe. The current case is a theme park in Poland. With the right components, including an innovative concept, mission, vision and strategy as well as a solid financial plan, you will make sure that your project secures financing.
- Quantitative Research (6 EC)
As the name suggests, the main focus in this module is on quantitative research. Within this area, you learn how to perform a survey in the field.
- Event Management (3 EC)
During this module you design, plan and organise an event for a real client from the field. You will be required to operate on a tactical level.
- Intercultural Management Skills (3 EC)
This module prepares you to handle cultural differences within an international environment. By learning to understand different cultural values and apply relevant theories, you gain valuable insights into the international business world. Theory and practical activities support you in developing your research paper, for which you assume the role of an international manager.
- Business English 2 (3 EC)
This module is designed to improve your confidence in your knowledge, skills and attitude in the English language. Subjects that are dealt with on this course are: international marketing, social relations, customer services and business meetings. By the end of this course you will have increased your business English vocabulary and be able to use it successfully, both in practical situations and for written communication.
- International HRM (3 EC) (nog geen info)



2. Hospitality Business semester> third-year exchange semester.

3. Destination Development semester
 > third-year exchange semester.

This is a 3rd-year semester on our Tourism Management course. The complete semester is worth 30 European Credits (EC). Classes are held in Deventer. The main module of this exchange programme focuses on the development and marketing of a destination from a strategic perspective. This module includes a study trip, but it is not compulsory to participate in the trip. 

Course content
The Destination Development exchange programme comprises the following modules:
- Destination Development (24 EC)
Assuming the role of a governmental policy employee, you are tasked with writing a long-term vision for a destination's (either a country, a city or a region) Ministry of Tourism. The policy must be presented to the Ministry of Tourism, taking into consideration any constraints, changes and implications for the Destination Management Organisation structure.
- Business English 3 (3 EC)
This is a training in strategic business communication skills, comprising negotiating skills, promotional writing and strategic speaking skills.
- Choice of language.

  • Entrepreneurship in Tourism Management: open to second-year or third-year bachelor’s students on Business or Hospitality programmes*.
  • Hospitality Business semester: open to third-year or fourth-year bachelor’s students on Hospitality or Business programmes*.
  • Destination Development semester: open to third-year or fourth-year bachelor’s students or master students on Tourism Management programmes.

* Hotel management, tourism or leisure management, facility management, international business management studies, event management, sport management, etc.

If you would like to choose one of these semesters as an exchange student, please check whether your home institution has a bilateral agreement with the Saxion Hospitality Business School. Once your home institution has nominated you for the semester, you may complete the application form.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Adrienn Eros
Exchange coordinator
Saxion Hospitality Business School
Phone: + 31 (0)6 455 92 547