How to pay

Payment methods

You can pay the tuition fees directly to Saxion yourself by bank transfer, stating your name and student number. More information will follow when you are in the admission procedure. Re-enrolling non-European and all European students can pay through digital direct debit authorisation in Studielink and choose to pay the full amount at once or in instalments.

Paying in instalments

Saxion works with ten instalments. If you are able to pay in instalments*, the tuition fees are collected around the 25th of each month. Please make sure you have sufficient funds available in your bank account. For Non-European students with a residence permit this has to be at least €850,- to be able to withdraw the institutional fee. For European students, an amount of at least €250.- is required to withdraw the statutory tuition fee. When you pay in instalments, you will be charged an annual handling fee of €24.

Direct debit authorisation

Within the SEPA area
If you have a Dutch bank account or a bank account within the SEPA area, you can issue a digital (direct debit) authorisation* through Studielink. As soon as you can enter your payment details, you will receive a message from Studielink that a new To Do activity is ready in your To Do list. In this manual  you can subsequently read how you can issue the digital (direct debit) authorisation.
Your authorisation must be submitted before 15 August in order to start your studies at Saxion. If you have not met all registration conditions and terms of payment before 15 August, your enrolment at Saxion will be cancelled and you will not be able to start your studies at Saxion.

Outside the SEPA area (non-European students)

If your bank is located outside the SEPA area, you do not have the required details (IBAN) to issue the authorisation  through Studielink. If you are a first-year student and you received your acceptance letter from the International Office, you can pay the full amount with the invoice you received in this letter. If you are a re-enrolling student and only have a non-SEPA bank account, you can pay the tuition fees in full via bank transfer or issue a paper authorisation. You can pick up the form for doing so at the student desk.

If Saxion does not receive your payment in time, your enrolment is at risk. If we are forced to cancel your enrolment due to non-payment, you will also lose your right to a scholarship.

*Payment in instalments and the debit authorisation is valid for one academic year and only available for re-enrolling non-European with a Dutch bank account, and both starting and re-enrolling European students.

Someone else paying?

What should you do if someone else pays your tuition fees?
If the registered address of your bank is in the Netherlands, you will have the option in Studielink to appoint someone else to pay your tuition fees. In that case (or when an employer will pay your fees) you must issue the authorisation yourself through Studielink and pay the tuition fees yourself. Subsequently, you can settle the payment with the other party. If you enrolled at the Saxion Part-time School and your employer pays the tuition fees, then please contact the Saxion Part-time School  ( to initiate the billing of the costs.

More information

Please check the 'regulation tuition fees' (PDF-file) for more information and procedures concerning payment and reimbursement of tuition fees.  Would you like more information or do you have any questions? Saxion International Office will assist you and point you to the right direction.