Dutch law requires every citizen to be insured for at least Health Care and Liability. European students (both exchange and regular) can take out their own Health Care insurance and are only obliged to take the Liability Insurance arranged by Saxion. Non-European students, who need a visa and residence permit, will be insured by Saxion for both Health Care and Liability.

Health Care and Liability Insurance

Basic health insurance covers all general costs of doctor’s visits, prescription medicine, basic dental care and accident and casualty care at the Hospital. Saxion will arrange for students to be registered with a family doctor who is willing to accept patients.

Liability insurance is essential in the Netherlands, because whenever someone damages property (of others) or injures people, he/she is immediately held financially responsible. The usual coverage against liability is up to the amount of € 500,000.

Insurance not arranged by Saxion

Students should be aware that Saxion cannot arrange Travel Insurance, Property Insurance (for theft, fire, etc. in your home) or other kinds of Insurance than the items mentioned above.