Insurance Dutch law requires every citizen to be insured for at least Health Care. European students can take out their own Health Care insurance for medical costs but they might need an additional liability insurance as liability is not covered with the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). Non-European students, who need a visa and residence permit, will be insured by Saxion for both Health Care and Liability. 

We strongly advise European students (EU/EAA) to take out third-party liability insurance to cover any accidental damage or harm you may cause to other persons or property during your study in the Netherlands because he/she is immediately held financially responsible. The usual coverage against liability is up to the amount of € 500,000. The International Office can arrange this for you at the insurance company AON. The costs for the insurance are € 30,- per year. If you would like us to arrange this insurance, you can transfer an additional amount of € 30,- to Saxion before the payment deadline. Please note the conditions of the European Health Insurance migt differ for each country. Please check with your insurance if all medical costs will be covered during your study in the Netherlands. 

Insurance not arranged by Saxion 

Students should be aware that Saxion cannot arrange Travel Insurance, Property Insurance (for theft, fire, etc. in your home) or other types of insurance than the items mentioned above.