Extended Saxion Talent Scholarship (ESTS)

Students have the possibility to apply for an Extended Saxion Talent Scholarship (ESTS). The Extended Saxion Talent Scholarship is a scholarship for students who have passed the first year of their bachelor program and would like to continue studying in the next study year (2nd, 3rd or 4th year) at Saxion University. A student is required to have gained at least 54 ECTS credits in one study year in order to be granted the ESTS for the September re-registration. The ESTS consists of a reduction on the tuition fee. 

How to apply

You will receive more information about the application procedure for the ESTS every year with your re-registration information. Are you already a student and continuing to study at Saxion? If you are interested in applying for ESTS, please visit the ESTS application page* on MySaxion to find out more and follow the instructions. In case this link is not working, please login to your MySaxion account, where you can find the page here: MySaxion » My Service » Enrolment&Tuition fees » Re-enrolment » Extended Saxion Talent Scholarship (ESTS). 

*A new window will open. Please note that this link can only be used by students and employees at Saxion.