Visa & Residence Permit

If you wish to come to the Netherlands to study at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, you need to check if you need a visa and a residence permit. If you are a citizen or an official resident of a country not belonging to the EU or EEA countries, you require an 'Authorisation for temporary stay' or entry visa (MVV). With this entry visa you are allowed to enter the Netherlands and apply for a residence permit. The application for the residence permit is compulsory.

You can use the Residence Wizard on the website of the Dutch Foreign Police (IND) to see if you require an entry visa (MVV). In some cases you do not need an MVV but you do need to apply for a residence permit after your arrival in the Netherlands. In other cases a residence permit is also not necessary.

In all cases Saxion's International Office will apply for your visa and residence permit.

Please be aware that with new IND regulations, your study progress will be monitored yearly and will influence your legal stay in the Netherlands. The first study progress monitoring process will cover academic year 2013/2014 and will apply to all international students, with the exception of exchange students. Preparatory students must complete the preparatory programme within a maximum of 12 months: if not, they must be de-registered.

Within the new regulations, students must proportionally obtain 50% of the credits per year to keep their residence permit based on study. If a student makes insufficient progress with his studies without an excusable reason, the educational institution de-registers the student with the IND. The IND will confront the student with this and will in most cases withdraw the residence permit. The IND does not determine whether the student has an excusable reason.