Getting Around

Photo of a Dutch NS train.If you take the train from Deventer it takes you just over an hour to get to the exciting capital Amsterdam. Check with the Dutch Railway Company, or NS in short, for planning your trip by train. You can plan your trip from door to door at 9292ov (unfortunately only in Dutch). Dutch cities have a lot to offer. Besides Amsterdam the cities of Utrecht, Maastricht and Den Haag are very popular.

If you study in Deventer or Enschede it's also very tempting to explore some of the rest of Europe. Holland is a good starting point for such trips. In a few hours you can get to Bruxelles, Antwerp, Paris, London, Prague or Berlin. Use the Canal Tunnel, the TGV or another international train. Again, the NS can provide you with useful information.

Visiting one of the five Wadden Islands may be a good idea for a weekendtrip. They are important bird-breeding grounds and offer a beautiful landscape. Texel is the biggest one. In June it hosts the world largest catamaran race. You can take a ferry from Den Helder, Harlingen, Holwerd or Lauwersoog. All islands have hostels.

Of course, also don't miss the real tourist spots: Keukenhof, De Kinderdijk en de Deltawerken. They are worth a visit.

In Deventer or Enschede the easiest way to get around is by bicycle. Of course you can also use the city-buses which frequently drive through town.

Students are advised to purchase a rail-reduction card which will give them a 40% discount on all domestic trips.