Testimonial: Monica Ferent

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    Monica Ferent

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  • Course:

    Hotel Management

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I chose the Netherlands because I thought that, as a very open-minded people, I wouldn't have big issues adjusting to the culture. A current student from Saxion helped me make a decision, sharing about her experiences. I was sure I made the right decisions when I started my classes with passion driven teachers. I also met interesting students with whom I've worked in group projects and made long lasting friendships with people from many countries.

I made long lasting friendships with people from many countries!

Saxion also offers the opportunity to do your internship abroad. I did my internship in Beijing where I gained valuable work experience and memorable memories in a very different culture. In the first two years of my Dutch student life I found both obstacles from which I learnt valuable lessons and enjoyable events which made the whole experience more than worth it.