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Course Catalogue: in-depth digital overview of Saxion courses

You have probably seen it before; a study guide. Often a beautiful, fancy brochure, but not always practical. With our online Course Catalogue we offer you an in-depth digital overview of our courses.

What is the Course Catalogue?

Actually it is very simple and very useful. A Course Catalog is a detailed overview of all our courses down to the level of learning units. In short, it's the online source of information where you can find all factual and objective information about your favorite study. Search below between the different types of courses and dive into the Saxion's Course Catalogue!

Bachelor Courses (fulltime)

Here you will find all full-time bachelor studies at Saxion. A bachelor's degree is a four-year HBO course and full-time means, you guessed it, that you follow this full-time. In this section of the Course Catalog you will find both Dutch and English taught bachelors. English taught education is designed for foreign students or Dutch students who prefer an English-taught programme.

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Bachelor Courses (parttime)

You can also follow a bachelor's degree on a part-time basis. View the range of part-time Bachelor studies in the Course Catalog here.

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Associate degrees

Associate degrees are two-year professional education courses. At Saxion we offer this both full-time and part-time.

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A master is an in-depth one or two-year follow-up program that you can follow after your bachelor's degree. At Saxion you can take this on a full-time or part-time basis.

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During your study you choose a minor. A minor is a obligatory half year of education of your choice of 30 credits (ects). Check the current option here.

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