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Saxion's Introduction Week 2023

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FAQ Introduction week 2023

The INTRO will be held from Monday 28 August to Thursday 31 August 2023.

The first part of the INTRO is an introduction to your degree programme. This is referred to as the Degree Programme Introduction or School Days. After these School Days, there is a general INTRO programme in each city for all students.

The Degree Programme Introduction is specific to your degree programme. This component is generally offered on Monday and Tuesday during the INTRO. However, not all degree programmes have scheduled activities on all days. Where can you find the schedule? Consult the Starter’s Information for your degree programme. The programme will be available during the Summer. 

In addition to this, Saxion also offers a general INTRO. This is organised separately in each city for all new students, regardless of their degree programme. You will find the programme for each city on the Introduction page.

Your degree programme kicks off with a mandatory introduction (the School Days/ Degree Programme Introduction), during which you will be given important information about your degree programme. This is a very important part of the INTRO, so you should definitely not miss it!

The general part of the INTRO is intended purely for your enjoyment and to get you settled into your new life as a student. This is not compulsory, but it will be great fun to participate in activities with your fellow students, and it is a great opportunity to make friends!

Yes, you need to register for the general part of the INTRO. However, registration is not yet open. We will notify you via email when you can sign up, so keep an eye on your mailbox!

The part of the INTRO that is specific to your degree programme is free. For the general introduction, costs will be involved but are not yet known. Keep an eye on the Introduction page!

If you have registered for the general INTRO, meals and water/drinks are included in the price. So this will be arranged for you!

However, we can imagine that during the activities or concerts, you might want to get some additional drinks. You can buy these on-site at all three locations by means of coins.

We will provide (limited) overnight accommodation for each campus. When you will register for the INTRO, you will be able to book a place to sleep in the form. We will notify you via email during the summer about overnight accommodation and what to bring along. 

Please note: accommodations are limited as we do not have capacity for all students. Keep an eye on your mailbox during the summer to sign up quickly and reserve your spot!

For students starting in February, a dedicated introduction is organised. So you don't have to sign up for this.

All you need to know in a nutshell? You can find it on the onboarding page

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