The story of Arina

Living for the most part of her life in Siberia, Arina Strakhova decided to take a big step and moved to the Netherlands, to start the study programme International Finance and Accounting at Saxion.

Preparing for the future 

‘’In general, I feel safe and comfortable in this new environment. My study programme is able to provide different courses in a very logical manner. The transaction between courses feels very smooth, and I am able to see the correlations between the classes. These insightful classes are preparing me for my future. After I graduate, I would like to start working for a company as a bookkeeper or auditor. And in the best-case scenario, I would like to apply for a master programme. Who knows what the future holds?’’ 

A small community 

‘’My study feels like a small community, that is very considerate and caring of its students. The lecturers not only inspire you, but help you with both academic and your personal development. I find these aspects important for students, especially for those who come from different countries and who are used to a more distant educational approach.’’

Own preferences 

‘’Understandably, every course has its advantages and disadvantages. As for me, there are times when I am not fully satisfied with the classes. I feel that there could be different ways of how a specific topic could be introduced or explained to students. However, each person has his own preferences and this is very individualistic. On the other side, the advances from studying at Saxion, such as the practical elements and focus on personal development, make it definitely worth.’’ 

An unforgettable adventure 

‘’I would encourage international students to take the opportunity of studying abroad. And at first, I was worried about coming to the Netherlands and I definitely had my doubts and concerns since I never had been from home this far and long. But from my own experience, I can say that coming here was the most valuable and unforgettable adventure.’’