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Alumni story: Dorian, former student in Creative Media and Game Technology

Meet former Saxion student Dorian Kirschstein from Germany. Dorian studied Creatieve Media and Game Technology and is now working as an 3D Environmental Artist at Mimimi Productions, a company that produced, among other things, the game Desperados lll.

Plan your future 

"At Saxion, they let you think ahead and plan your future. You are challenged by Saxion to really think about what you are going to do after your graduation and this has been very helpful for me in directing my future. When I started my studies in Creative Media and Game Technologies, I thought for instance that game creation was just one job. My study at Saxion gave me a broad overview of the different fields of the game creation industry. This has been very meaningful for my current career, because now, even though I work in a specific corner in my field, I also have a rough idea of what the other departments are doing. And that’s very important too, because you need that kind of overview in order to know which impact your work might have in a bigger picture."

International atmosphere

"The international atmosphere at Saxion definitely helped me to improve my international communication and understanding of different cultures. If you find yourself later on in life working in an international team, you need to communicate sufficiently. And it is helpful to be in an international surrounding during your studies."

Interaction with students and lecturers

"Another thing I definitely learned at Saxion is how to work on projects from early on. This helps you to get a feeling on a small scale of what’s it like how to have to interact and collaborate with others. Besides, you have plenty of opportunities to interact with your lecturers since the classes are usually small and the lecturers are very approachable."