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The story of Taia

Meet current Saxion student Taia from Ukraine. Taia is studying International Business, with a specialization in the Dutch language.

Practical value 

‘’At Saxion, the practical value is very good. During my study programme, we were challenged with real-life business cases. This business cases allowed us to investigate the challenges and issues of actual businesses. Moreover, you get the opportunity to visit these businesses. This gave me a valuable insight in how organizations actually work.’’ 

An honest insight 

‘’The general experience regarding the practical value of my programme, such as real-life business cases, was great. This practical approach at Saxion helps me to develop a lot of new skills. However, it sometimes was a challenge to work with a real-life business. There were postponed deadlines or we struggled with an unclear communication process. But I guess that’s gives you an honest sneak peek into what you could experience in the working field.’’ 

Education with a personal approach 

‘’From the perspective of the person, who comes from a country with a very conservative education system, there are several positive aspects that I am experiencing at Saxion. For instance, there is an informal communication approach between the students and lecturers. Our study programme lecturers are always approachable and open for questions, something I was not familiar with in Ukraine. In addition, the exams and assignments are not too complicated. They require a certain number of hours to prepare for, however they are doable.’’

Develop your own future 

‘’Personally, I wanted to challenge myself and do more things besides my study programme. Therefore, I signed up for the top talent programme. This programme helps me to get more out of my studies and my personal development, by taking other classes or participate in new projects, in order to broaden and deepen my knowledge. This will prepare me for my next steps towards my future.’’