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Smart Solutions Semester

At Saxion, we encourage our students to develop a broad perspective on sustainability. That is why we stimulate our students to integrate sustainability into their projects. Find out below how we do this by checking out the video and the livestream sessions!

The Smart Solutions Semester

In order to let our students get (more) familiar with sustainability, we created the Smart Solutions Semester. During this semester, you will carry out an interdisciplinary research project on a complex issue from either the professional field or a research group, together with students from at least three different degree programmes. You will learn how to collaborate with professionals from various backgrounds and become prepared for your future career.

Watch the video below to learn more about the current Smart Solution projects!


Curious about the Smart Solutions Semester?

Are you ready to become very SMART? ;) The professional field of the future requires you to be flexible and to work with different disciplines. This is exactly what the Smart Solutions Semester stands for. During this interdisciplinary research and development semester, you will work in groups of six to eight students from at least three different degree programmes on a complex issue from the professional field or research group, learning to collaborate with professionals from different backgrounds and preparing you for your future career!

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