What is your budget like? Prepare a budget plan and estimate how much money you have available for your rent + additional costs.

Indication of the general rental prices per month

Of course this depends on the type of housing (shared or individual), build-up of your rental price (including or excluding costs like gas/water/electricity or communal taxes).

  • Room in Enschede starting from euro 425.-
  • Room in Deventer starting from euro 450.-
  • Room in Apeldoorn starting from euro 475.-

Consider looking outside of Enschede, Deventer or Apeldoorn.
Do not close your eyes to alternative housing in cities close to our study locations, like Hengelo or Almelo. For studying in Deventer, living in Apeldoorn (or the other way around) might be a good alternative as well.

Travel expenses

Of course you will need to add travel expenses to your budget if you choose to live in another location. For general prices if you travel by train, check the website for the Dutch National train service here .

If you are an EU student, you might even consider living just across the border in the neighbouring town of Gronau. If you live in across the border in Germany, you can apply for a special discount card by train for Saxion students living in Germany. More information on that here.

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