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Our fee-structure consists of four parts. These four parts together make up our total package fee, which is an amount covering all study costs. Living expenses are not included in the total package fee.

The fee-structure consists of: 

  • Tuition Fee: the costs of the course; you can find the tuition fee for each programme on the programme details pages; 

  • Housing: Saxion will arrange accommodation for non-EU/EEA students during the first year 

  • Visa & Residence Permit: Saxion takes care of the procedures necessary for you to come to the Netherlands; 

  • Insurance

Package fee amounts

The amount of your package fee will depend on the type of course or study programme (bachelor’s or master’s) , but also  on your nationality. More information about the exact amounts for the upcoming academic year can be found on the programme details pages. 

Fee structure

You can find a complete overview of our fee-structure here, for both non-EU/EEA and EU/EEA students.  

Regulation tuition fees

Please check the current Regulation tuition fees 2020-2021 (PDF-file) for official information and procedures concerning payment and reimbursement of tuition fees. Or check the Regulation tuition fees for 2021-2022.

How to pay your tuition fees

Non-EU/EEA students starting their studies at Saxion for the first time have to pay the tuition fees in full before the indicated deadline. 

EU/EEA students, or non-EU/EEA students re-enrolling at Saxion, can also choose to pay in instalments. You can indicate this in Studielink, where you can select either payment in full or payment in instalments.  

For more information see: Payment options.

>> Read more about payment in instalments and direct debit authorisation

Housing Deposit

All students whose housing is arranged by Saxion are required to pay a housing deposit of € 500,-. This deposit will cover damages to the property or cleaning costs, if necessary. It may also be used to cover excessive heating and electricity bills. 

If applicable, the deposit will be (partially) reimbursed at the end of the academic year, after a thorough inspection of the room/accommodation. All students living in one house or flat will be jointly responsible for the energy consumption.