Do you have informal care duties at home? Then take a look at our informal care scheme

Is there someone in your home who needs long-term care? Is that person for example, ill, disabled, addicted, confused or depressed? Does this mean that you often have to help or care for a family member? This can be quite a challenge when you are also studying. This is why you should find out now if you qualify for the informal care scheme.

Saxion wants to support you!
We want to give what you need to study and successfully complete your programme while at the same time fulfilling your informal care obligations. This is why Saxion has an informal care scheme. 

Informal care status
In the first place, it needs to be clear that you are indeed providing informal care. To show this you can apply for informal care status. You can read more about this in the Talent scheme starting on page 20.

Do you meet the requirements? In that case there are various facilities available to help you combine studying with your informal care duties. In addition to standard exam and educational facilities, customisation may also be possible in certain cases. This could involve for example:

  • flexible attendance,
  • recording of classes,
  • alternative exam types,
  • changes to your study contract,
  • extra support from study career counsellors,
  • entitlement to Financial support funding in the event of study completion delay

For more information

Please contact Mariska Ansink