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Saxion Talent Regulation for top-class sports(wo)men and top-class artists

If you are a top-class athlete or a talented practitioner of art and culture, you can take part in our Talent Regulation (formerly the Top-class Sports Programme). This regulation makes it possible for you to combine your ambitions in top-class sport or your top-level work in the cultural sector with your studies.

If you are eligible for the Talent Regulation, you will draw up a study plan together with your study programme. Saxion considers your study obligations and your commitments in terms of sports or art and culture. To be eligible for the regulation, you must meet at least the following conditions:

Top-class athletes

You spend a minimum of fifteen full hours a week on sports activities. You fall under the category of ‘Talent’ or ‘upcoming talent’.

Also check whether the study programme you want to follow is a good fit for you and your sports programme. Make an appointment in good time with the coordinator for top-class sports (see Contact).

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Art and Culture

You belong to the best in your home country, as you play in a national orchestra or are a cabaret artist who participates in national student cabaret festivals (these are just two examples).

Conditions: you do not yet generate any income and you spend at least 15 hours per week on these activities.

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