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If you'd like to see what awaits you at Saxion, why not visit our campuses? Can't join us in the Netherlands? Then join our digital event, the Digital Discovery Day!

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A Digital Discovery Day is all about bringing a grasp of Saxion to you online! Saxion is the home of a big community of international students all over the world. And no matter where you are, we would like to organise an opportunity to get to know you as a future student and a possible new member of this community. Therefore, we have launched our Digital Discovery Day. During this day, you will be introduced to our study programmes online (including our current lecturers and students) and to all that Saxion has to offer. So you can get to know us and we can get to know you.

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Become a student for a day!

If you want to get a feel for our study programmes, or student life at Saxion, why not become a student for a day? Join one of our international students and start discovering our campus and cities. We’re are happy to welcome you!

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Just want to take a look for yourself? That's also fine of course! Check our locations below!

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