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Digital Discovery Days

Get to know your future study programme online

The Digital Discovery Days give you a glimpse of Saxion from the comfort of your home. These online events are the perfect way to learn everything about the bachelor's programmes at Saxion and practical matters.

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What is a Digital Discovery Day? 

During a Digital Discovery Day, you join livestreams sessions to learn everything about your preferred study programme and who we are at Saxion. You can interact directly with lecturers, current students and our staff, and get all the answers you need to shape your future as a student.

During the study programme sessions, you meet the lecturers to learn everything about your future Bachelor's programme. How to prepare for the intake? What is the programme for each year? What are the job opportunities after graduating? Current students will also be there to talk about their experience: Do you work often in groups? What type of laptop do you recommend? Is it possible to have a student job on the side?

Our general sessions will provide useful information to help you land smoothly in the Netherlands: When do I need to request my Visa? How to apply for a scholarship? How to look for accommodation? 

The Digital Discovery Day helped me get rid of assumptions and feel confident in myself to choose my study programme.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, we advise you to join the livestream of your preferred study programme. There you can get all the details you need about your future Bachelor.

In addition, we think it's really beneficial to join one of the livestreams of the International Office: Your Gateway to Saxion. There you can get all the support with practical matters when it comes to living and studying in the Netherlands (housing, insurance, visa, application process...). 

By joining at least those two livestreams, you will get a good overview of what you can expect for your future studies at Saxion. In addition to that, we recommend to join the Introduction to Saxion livestream and why not learn your first Dutch words during the Crash Course Dutch?

In the midst of choosing a study? Consult our study choice manual! In order to explore the international study programmes we offer, you can sign up for our study programme livestreams. These livestreams are hosted by lecturers and international students. They can tell you all about their programme and are happy to answer your questions for you. Check these Youtube videos for more info!

Finding the right study programme is probably the biggest part of you shaping your future. But we understand that your choice does not only depend on your favorite study programme. During the Digital Discovery Day you will get the opportunity to get a bigger picture of Saxion by:

  • Checking-in during our livestream with our international office. Our support officers from the International Office will tell you together with current international students more about international student life 
  • Joining a Crash Course Dutch. Since Saxion is internationally oriented (as well as the Netherlands in general), you will easily get around by speaking English. However, to discover more about the Dutch culture and our way of communicating, you can start to learn your first words in Dutch or find more info here
  • Explore Saxion online. Before the Digital Discovery Day starts you can already explore Saxion online.

Yes, definitely! Every study programme Q&A is hosted by lecturers and students, so you can get the chance to ask your study-specific questions to them. Moreover, you can ask your questions about practical matters to our students that are joining the International Office livestreams. Curious about our students' experiences in general? Follow us on Instagram! Here we will host live sessions with students for you, and you can discover everything about student life in the Netherlands. Have a quick question? Go to IntoSaxion and directly ask a student!

Choosing your study online might feel a bit challenging, and we completely understand you. Therefore, we have gathered some tips & tricks for you in order to get the most out of the Digital Discovery Day. 

Take a look at this playlist where you can find videos about all the study programmes

If you need more info or if you're ready to apply, here are the possible next steps:

  • Get personal guidance and become a student for a day. Join one of our international students from your preferred study programme and get to experience the campus, the lessons and the student life.
  • Have a look at the application process and check the requirements, deadlines and other practical matters you might need to be aware of before starting
  • Check out our onboarding programme specifically designed for international students. We host webinars to help you land smoothly in the Netherlands and prepare you for your time at Saxion.

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