Studenten staan op de rij terwijl ze allemaal in de camera kijken

The situation in Ukraine

Our thoughts are with the Ukrainians and our sympathy goes out to our students, staff members and everyone who is currently impacted. We deeply sympathise with them and their families and friends.

The current situation in Ukraine can affect you as a student in various ways. We understand that you might have questions or concerns, whether it is about your studies or personal life. On this page, we provide information and guidance for everyone who is personally affected by or involved in the situation in Ukraine.

Are you in need of extra guidance or support?

The current situation in Ukraine might affect your mental health and emotional well-being, affect your current study progress or have practical implications. In case you need extra guidance or support for your well-being and mental health, you can contact our student psychologist for specialised help. If you are experiencing or expect to experience study related problems, please get in touch with our student counsellors.
To make an appointment with a student psychologist or a student counsellor, you may visit the Saxion Servicepoint or email

For additional questions that are not related to the above-mentioned topics, you can contact 

Implications for your residency, your visa or any financial issues

Below you can find the latest information and updates from the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security about the (possible) consequences for your residency and applications.

Financial issues 

We are currently exploring how we can best support our students affected. In case information becomes available about possible financial support/aid, information will be published here. In the meantime, we advise our students to open a Dutch bank account during your studies in the Netherlands. Taking in account the disconnection of several banks from the SWIFT system, we advise you to make sure you transfer enough money to cover your living expenses and tuition fees to your Dutch bank account since you possibly may not be able to access your bank account.

Frequently asked questions*

The Immigration & Naturalisation Service (IND) has a webpage about the effects on application or stay for Ukrainians & Russians. You find this IND webpage here. The IND will update it continuously when new information is available.

The Immigration & Naturalisation Service (IND) has a webpage about the effects on application or stay for Ukrainians & Russians. You find this IND webpage here. The IND will update it continuously when new information is available.

Saxion has decided to charge current and new Ukrainian students the statutory tuition fees instead of the currently higher institutional tuition fees in the academic year 2022-2023.

This will be done in the form of compensation. This means that for the coming academic year Ukrainian students will pay the same tuition fees as their Dutch counterparts.

We are working closely together with regular student housing organisations and the different city councils. Please contact the international office for more information and to explain your situation.

To apply at Saxion a certified copy of the original documents and copies of the certified English translation is sufficient for application.

Unfortunately, we do not have the answer to this question as we are currently waiting to see what will be decided nationally. We will update this answer has soon as new information will become available

As a student who is going to study at Saxion, you must meet all admission requirements. However, through UAF, there are possibilities to do a free language test in the Netherlands. Check their page for more information and to see if you meet the requirements:

At the moment, all educational and research cooperation with educational institutions in Russia and Belarus are frozen. Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible to apply for an exchange programme.

Part-tme job through Connect Forward
A spin-off of ‘Connect Forward’ has been specially set up to help Ukrainian, Russian and White-Russian students at Saxion and the University of Twente (UT). This initiative is intended to help students to find a part-time job with companies in the Twente area for a maximum of 16 hours per week. More than 50 students have already signed up and the first matches have been made. Are you also interested in finding a part-time job? You can still sign up for Connect Forward via this form.

We’ve gathered additional information about the situation in Ukraine for international students here. Dutch students can find more information here.

Saxion is currently looking in to this. As soon as this is clear, we will share more information.

*Our FAQ contains all the latest information known to us. We update our website immediately after there is news. Our employees at the International Office desks and on the telephone do not have more information than you can read on this page. 

News about the situation in Ukraine