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Welcome to the Saxion Pride Community page. There are several groups at Saxion actively committed to supporting the LGTBIQ+ community.

Th!nk with Pride

Th!nk with Pride is a group of students and staff who are committed to ensuring that everyone with a LGBTIQ+ background has a good and enjoyable time at Saxion. Th!nk with Pride works together with student associations Exaltio and QUEER!.

Additionally, Th!ink with Pride focuses on creating awareness by organising activities in collaboration with others. This takes place within Saxion, for example together with Studium Generale, Green Office, student associations Queer and Exaltio. And also externally: with the University of Twente, ROC Aventus, ROC Twente, Police Academy, and with government bodies and the business community.

Besides these activities Th!nk with Pride supports having all-gender toilets, inclusive language use and new developments such as the ceremonial degree certificate. One important partner in the fore-mentioned activities is the Workplace Pride Foundation that Saxion has been affiliated to since 2018.

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The Flag

The progressive pride flag has been flying high on special occasions for several years now. This is a rainbow flag with a triangle. The Epi Drost building is also illuminated in rainbow colours during the Twente rainbow days. The pride flag will be hanging at the Saxion principle locations in Enschede, Deventer and Apeldoorn from October 2022. This is to show that everyone at Saxion matters and can feel at home in an inclusive educational environment.

Diversiteit bij Saxion

Study association Exaltio

Exaltio focuses on adolescents and students from the entire LGBTQ+ spectrum between the age of 18 and 28. Our association's prime mission is providing a safe environment for adolescents within the Twente region in which they can safely make new LGBTQ+ friends.

In addition to a wide variety of awesome activities, Exaltio also aims to offer a platform to meet LGBT+ peers and to lend an ear when needed.

More about Exaltio
Coming Out Day met Regenboog Janny

Student association QUEER!

Student association QUEER! is the student association for fun, awareness and acceptance in and outside the LGBTIQ+ community. This makes them a strong partner of Th!nk with Pride. In its first year QUEER! already has 60 members and is visible both in and outside Saxion

Read the interview with QUEER!

Movie with Pride

Think with Pride, together with Concordia Enschede, starts the movie program Movie with Pride. In the evening of the second Tuesday every month, we will bring (back) a movie that addresses sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and general queerness to the big screen in the beautiful and prestigious arthouse movie theater of Concordia, right in Enschede's city center (Oude Markt 15).

With this program we hope to further promote diversity and inclusion by connecting LGBTQIA+ people and communities (especially us at Saxion!) with a broader public and the region's cultural landscape. Next to fostering coherence and connections between people in the queer community, we try to raise awareness for reflection on and discussions about some crucial topics that confront the current society, including sex and gender binarity, identity politics, patriarchy and capitalism. 

The movie normally starts at 19.30 and you can enter the venue at 19.00. After the movie we will have plenty of time to chat about the movie and about life, over some drinks. One ticket costs 10 euros and 7 euros with a student card. We promise the movies will always be in English, either in audio or with subtitles. 

movie with pride