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Saxion Talent Regulation for Top-Class Entrepreneurs

Combining your studies with running a business can be time consuming and challenging. The Saxion Talent Regulation for Top-Class Entrepreneurs (Topondernemersregeling -TOR) helps entrepreneurial students take their business to the next level while staying on track with their courses. Together with other talented student entrepreneurs you will take part in a growth oriented programme with guidance from coaches and experienced entrepreneurs. The Saxion Centre for Entrepreneurship (SCfE) together with your study programme supervisors will explore how you can have enough space to run your enterprise at the highest level while meeting study requirements. This way you will graduate and continue to grow your venture.

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You will be eligible for the Saxion Talent Regulation for Top-Class Entrepreneurs if you are either a full-time or part-time student with a business with demonstrated ambition and growth potential. Freelance entrepreneurs (ZZP’ers) are also welcome to apply.

How to Apply

Fill in the application form and substantiate your application by answering the following:

  • Describe yourself as an entrepreneur.
  • Describe your business, including mission, vision and ambition.
  • Describe the industry in which your business operates.
  • Give a brief financial analysis (e.g. annual revenue) and an indication of how much time you invest in your business.
  • Explain your motivation for applying for the Talent Regulation.
  • Contact details of a referral from your study programme (e.g. a supervisor).
  • A recent report of your study results from BISON.

Following Your Application

Based on the answers to above questions a first screening will be done. If your request is sufficiently ambitious and convincing you will receive an invite for an interview, to be held with the selection committee. You will be asked to pitch your business as well as yourself as an entrepreneur. Furthermore a deep dive will be made into the different parts of your application.

If awarded, the Talent Regulation for Top-Class Entrepreneurs will be available to you until the end of that academic year. After the first term, it will need to be decided once more whether you will be able to make use of the regulation for an additional academic year.

What are the main benefits of the Talent Regulation?

The Talent Regulation for Top-Class Entrepreneurs entails that, as a student entrepreneur, you will gain access to the following:

  • Growth Trajectory Top-Class Entrepreneurs

As a top-class entrepreneur you will enter a growth trajectory together with other talented enterprising students. You will take part in biweekly coaching and intervision sessions to help grow your business.  

  • Entrepreneur Events and Facilities
    You will get free access to business events, workshops, and training organized by Saxion, the SCfE and partners. On weekdays you will be able to make use of the special facilities at the three incubators in Deventer, Enschede and Apeldoorn.  

Together with your study career counsellor you will draw up a study plan. If necessary, the agreements resulting from this plan will be ratified by the examination board of your study prorgamme (under the director’s responsibility).

The SCfE will help you find the ideal route for combining your studies with your business, which in turn, may be adopted in your study plan. This includes things such as:

  • Adjusted Attendance Requirements
    Seeking a schedule ahead of time that allows for an optimal combination between your classes and your business.
  • Postponed Binding Study Advice (BSA)
    After your first year, your study programme can postpone their study advice for an extra year, given that you go on to complete your first year’s study programme within a total of two years.
  • Modified (Final) Exam Regulations
    If you get pressed for time and run into difficulties preparing for exams, you may be able to get an alternative exam time or version of the exam. This often requires special tailoring to your needs. Furthermore the exam commission can agree to alter deadlines for projects.
  • Doing an Internships or Completing Your Studies in Your Own Business
    If your study programme approves your business for your internship or study completion topic, then the SCfE will support you from the business end of things. You may be required to take on an external supervisor. Your study programme will however remain responsible for your final examination.

What Will Be Expected From You as a Top-Class Entrepreneur?

As a student/ top-class entrepreneur, you will be expected to have a positive attitude, be proactive, and put optimal effort into your studies. This also means you will yourself actively seek for ways to combine your studies with your business. And that you seek help on time if you require additional resources or expect problems.

It is important that you take initiative when you communicate and keep your study career counsellor (SLB’er) up to date on how your studies in combination with running your business are faring.

The goal is that your business and your studies enhance each other. Therefore we aim for an optimal cooperation between your study programme, your practice and a stimulating as well as a fitting learning environment. Business challenges will be used as cases for your studies as well as the other way around.

More Information

For additional information or questions about the Talent Regulation for Top-Class Entrepreneurs, please contact Sjoerd Welberg.

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