The digital transition of SMEs, especially in the manufacturing industry, is well underway, but far from complete.

There is a great demand for the introduction of the (Industrial) Internet of Things to obtain process data from production systems and then analyze it. This analysis step has been further boosted by the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI), which can take data analysis to a more complex level. The AIoTValley project serves the purpose of bringing the lessons learned from the RAAK SME project Data in Smart Industry further to the East Netherlands region.


Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, training, learning materials, TValley


In this project, TValley, a field lab aimed at the development of mechatronic systems such as industrial robotics, is expanded with a pillar on IoT and AI, disciplines that partly overlap with the current field of the field lab. To this end, the developed learning materials are used and further developed to spread knowledge and start up new business cases around the themes IoT and AI within TValley.


Saxion (secretary), TValley, Metaalunie, FME, Oost NL


2020 – 2021.

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Dr. Jeroen Linssen

Associate Professor

06 - 8278 4767 linkedin


This project was made possible in part by SIA, as a Top-up for the RAAK SME project Data in Smart Industry.