Ambient Intelligence

The Ambient Intelligence research group makes environments smart. The research group focuses primarily on applications related to safety, sports and smart industry. Safety projects are often in collaboration with the fire brigade. In these projects, solutions have been developed to determine where a firefighter is in buildings without infrastructure with sensors.

With regard to sports, the research group pays a lot of attention to monitoring athletes. For example, (sensor) technology and big data analysis are used for the early detection of signals of overload and thus the prevention of injuries.

Through projects in the smart industry, we help SMEs to improve the efficiency of their process or the quality of their product with the help of data. The research always focuses on measurements via sensors (sense), models to interpret the measured data (think) and giving feedback to the user (act).

The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.

Mark Weiser, Xerox Park, 1991

Cooperation research group Ambient Intelligence

Knowledge is built up through projects in which companies, students, teachers and researchers work together. The lectorate has a large network of (regional) companies and knowledge institutions. Thanks to good contacts with the business community, the research is always demand-driven. The research group also collaborates with other research groups from Saxion and other universities of applied science. The research is also multidisciplinary. In addition, there is a structural collaboration with and sponsoring of Thales, the University of Twente and Roessingh R&D.

The Ambient Intelligence research group actively participates in the following networks: Platform PRIO, Nederlandse AI Coalitie,The Garden of Kairos and T-Valley.

Research lines

Connected embedded systems

The research line connected embedded systems focuses on making the latest developments in the field of internet-linked embedded systems applicable within existing engineering practice. We develop practical knowledge and prototypes on, among other things, obtaining data from sensors (measuring), sensor fusion and filtering, data distribution, communication protocols and (embedded) software development.

List of current research projects
Connected embedded system

Applied data science

The Applied data science research line focuses on how to get "situational awareness" from (measured sensor) data: who is present, what do they do, what is going on, or even what are the intentions. In addition to data storage and management, this mainly concerns (big) data analysis, data mining, learning systems and decision support.

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Augmented interaction

The Augmented Interaction research line uses various technologies to realize natural, intuitive interaction. By making use of cross reality (augmented, mixed and virtual reality), combined with physical representations such as robots, we make the invisible visible and interactive in a natural way. The real and virtual worlds become fully integrated in cyber-physical systems.

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For information please contact Wouter Teeuw.

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Dr. Javier Ferreira Gonzalez

Associate Professor

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Ir. Bernard van Veelen

Company Professor (Thales)

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Dr. Danny Plass - Oude Bos

Associate professor

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Dr. Jeroen Linssen

Associate Professor

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Faizan Ahmed

Dr. Faizan Ahmed


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Ir. Marcel Beekveld


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Eyuel Debebe Ayele, Lecturer/Researcher

Dr. Eyuel Debebe Ayele


Prachi Bagave

MSc. Prachi Bagave


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Ir. Chris Baten

Guest Researcher ('t Roessingh R&D)

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MSc. Johannes de Boer


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MSc. Evert Duipmans


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Drs. Peter Ebben


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Dr. Tatiana Goering-Zaburnenko


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Miha Lavric

Dr. Miha Lavric


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Dr. Alejandro Moreno, Ph.D.


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Etto Salomons

Ir. Etto Salomons


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Ir. Irene Sijgers

Project Manager

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MSc. Bram Ton


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Véronique de Vries - Horvath

Project Supporter

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Kristel van der Zant

Kristel van der Zant

Project Supporter

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Ing. Jan W. Veltman

Project Manager

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