Researchgroup for Digital Driven Manufacturing

The role of digital technologies in business and society is increasing by leaps and bounds. The online design and composition of products according to one's own needs also takes on new forms. Customer-driven customization in a mass production environment is expected to be the standard by 2030. The product specification is automatically processed into machine control information, logistics formats and product folders. From design to assembly and production, this is highly autonomous, based on just-in-time-in-place principles, assured on the basis of intrinsic system quality, fed by AI/ML techniques and controlled from a management dashboard with underlying Enterprise Resource Planning. This transition, under the name 'smart industry', among other things, is taking place worldwide, and is an extra incentive for employees to continue training.

Manufacturing is becoming increasingly data-driven. This concerns high-mix-low-volume products, with associated production processes, management and logistics. This form of entrepreneurship requires thorough knowledge of real-time acquisition, processing, application and analysis of data. And that requires sensitive sensors, analysis software, robust processing informatics, smart algorithms, handy robots and high-tech mechatronics. There is still a long way to go for the average SME. 

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In the Researchgroup for Digital Driven Manufacturing, Saxion (S) and Windesheim (W), in close collaboration with six core partners, supported by TechForFuture - Center of Expertise HTSM Oost, will help entrepreneurs to meet this challenge. We bundle knowledge in the fields of robotization, industrial automation & artificial intelligence. We develop knowledge in the Industrial Automation & Robotics (W), Ambient Intelligence (S) and Mechatronics (S) lectorates. We strengthen that knowledge by creating crossovers at the interfaces of key technology and practice. We implement that knowledge through the involvement of the T-Valley Field Labs, The Garden, Perron038 and Industrial Robotics. We embed this knowledge in several bachelor's and master's programs at the universities of applied sciences, including Technical Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, HBO-ICT, Industrial Product Design and Mechanical Engineering. And we disseminate this knowledge through TechForFuture network.  

Program Objectives

The Researchgroup for Digital Driven Manufacturing means a reinforcement of the current three professorships with additional focus points on sensing, automation and digital twinning. Three additional research teams will be set up at the interfaces of the lectorates, led by an associate lector or PhD researcher (PD) from the business community, who will conduct research in these areas together with students, lecturers and entrepreneurs from the region.


TFF, Saxion, Windesheim, provincie Overijsel, Demcon, AWL, Thales, RIWO, Malvern Panalytical, Tembo and regional business.



More Information

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