Dutch companies are lagging behind in the field of Smart Industry. A lot is being thought and written about, but the actual application is still in its infancy. Entrepreneurs are not yet sufficiently aware of the upcoming digital revolution and its consequences for their business. Large companies can purchase complex solutions. However, SMEs want to be able to experiment with their own process. With often simple means it is possible to use data to optimize the production process or to improve the quality of a product. This project develops methods and tools to help SMEs with this.

Generic and flexible monitor system

A lot of data is already collected at companies. These data are often in different locations. Industrial computers keep records of the process. Manual quality checks are completed on forms and reports are drawn up. Specifically developed measuring systems are also used. There are partial solutions for all these sources to make the data accessible. However, there is not yet an affordable and convenient system with which the company itself actually gets insight into the entire process. In Data in Smart Industry we investigate how to develop an easy to use system. To this end, we are developing a generic and flexible monitoring system with which data from various sources can be easily integrated and analyzed.


This project is funded by Raak mkb.



1 September 2017 until 1 September 2020.

More information

See project website www.mkb-smartindustry.nl or please contact Jeroen Linssen, projectleader.


Dr. Jeroen Linssen

Associate Professor

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