The project Funcy focusses on the further development of previous projects in the field of product design with a functional nature. The sme has the strong wish to expand the Fablab Enschede by adding an expertise centre for functional synthetic materials: creating this centre is the goal of this project, which would make it possible to develop products with more functionality and more intelligence.

The intended expertise centre is a means to disseminate applied knowledge among both students and the sme. We are expanding the existing knowledge on this project by the use of four main subjects:

  • Small series static functional surfaces
  • Big series static functional surfaces
  • Small series active functional surfaces
  • Big series active functional surfaces

Within each main subjects we will research at least one application case. Existing knowledge in the field of passive functional surfaces, production techniques and basic knowledge of the above mentioned subjects have recently been covered by, among others, the Fablab Enschede.

Collaboration partners

The project Funcy is a collaboration of the following partners: Saxion research groups of Industrial Design, Lightweight Constructing, Ambient Intelligence and ourselves, Sustainable & Functional Textiles, the technology companies Clafis, Artecs, Senovi, Protyp, Benchmark and Nedap, product design agencies People Creating Valua and the applicable companies BAM. This in collaboration with Uvex, MDT X-Ray, LAYaLAY, Vernay, KITT Engineering, the Industrial Design Centre and the Technology circle Twente.


The project Funcy runs from the first of September 2015 till the 31st of August 2017.

More information

For more information u can contact project leader Erik Goselink,

The project Funcy is co-financed by SIA, part of the Dutch Organisation of Scientific Research.