Matchmaking in the city of Romeo and Julliet

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In Verona (Italy) the city of Romeo and Julliet, Saxion did some matchmaking of her own just before Christmas.

At Job & Orienta, a big fair for University orientation, Saxion and four other Dutch Universities of applied sciences teamed up to explain 'our way' of educating to Italian students.

Applied sciences is not well known in italy and often confused with 'sciences', as in 'chemistry' which of course is a totally different thing.

Creating a small 'Dutch' pavilion with Avans, BUAS, HZ, Fontys and local partner 'GoingDutch', we managed to explain and promote studying applied sciences in the Netherlands to many interested Italian students.

One of the main reasons that a growing number students from Italy are interested in the Netherlands, is the expected Brexit. It causes a lot of insecurity about the tuition fees in the UK. Many have discovererd the Netherlands as a good alternative. Also, applied sciences is more and more appreciated and valued as an alternative for the often very theoretical Universities in Italy.

So at Saxion, we hope to hear a bit more Italian in the hallways of Saxion from September 2019!

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