Saxion launches new website

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It has been a few months since the ‘new saxion.nl’ was launched. After its tremendous success, an international version could not stay out for long. That is why a new international Saxion-website was launched today: saxion.edu.

The international website replaces the old ‘edu-website’ and offers a variety of functionalities which can be utilized now and in the near future. Research, for example, can be highlighted better on the new website, and it is easier for a user to switch between pages in different languages. Moreover, international events and partner universities have a more prominent position on the new website as well.

Of course, the new website will continue to offer informational about all educational programmes for international students. These pages have gone through a true metamorphosis and now meet the demands of our international audiences more than ever before.


While the website was launched today, this is only just the beginning. The information about research at Saxion will be expanded shortly, and during the next recruitment year the information about the study programmes can be improved even more. Additionally, a personalized website can be offered in the future as well – only displaying content which is relevant to a specific user.

Have a browse, and let us know what you think through our social media!

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