New food concept for Saxion: FoodCity

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We will be starting the new academic year full of energy and will also be introducing a new food concept in the restaurants at all Saxion locations: FoodCity! Caterer Appèl's new concept has been developed on the basis of input from students & staff members and bears the catchy name FoodCity. Doesn't that trigger your appetite?

FoodCity has the feel of a trendy urban environment. The products on offer are healthy, trendy, international, local, innovative and affordable. Completely Insta-proof! And the great thing is: it is not about boring uniformity. Every location will get its own unique feel in terms of atmosphere and product offering. The concept will be given form and shape in collaboration with Saxion's Facilities Service Organisation.

What are we eating today?
The surprising thing about FoodCity is that it consists of varied concepts that are created on the basis of what students and/or staff members demand. Sustainability is key to our approach; healthy and green/vegetable products are keywords in our business philosophy! And, oh yes, not to forget: there is also a social dimension to our story: FoodCity offers room for student work, labour participation and start-ups with students or young entrepreneurs.

All based on your wishes and demands
As mentioned, the concept was created by carefully listening to the wishes and demands of students and staff members. Feedback was requested from students and staff, and Appèl also had a survey carried out by an external polling agency. No stones were left unturned! The results showed that there is a clear need for vitality, sustainability and new experiences. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Vitality: at least 60 percent of the visible product range consists of healthy products. So preparing your meals at home is no longer necessary! ;)
  • Sustainability: limiting food wastage and rubbish. For example, FoodCity will be using sustainable disposables. Good move, right?!
  • New experiences: In addition to a fixed basic product range, FoodCity will be offering regularly rotating food concepts. This way, there will always be an element of surprise in the dishes on offer!

A match made in heaven!
“The vision and core values of FoodCity are perfectly in line with Saxion's vision, which clearly states that Saxion is constantly adapting to a rapidly changing world. FoodCity provides the basis for achieving this goal.  For example, the concept fits in with the strategic plan: FoodCity contributes to students’ development via collaborations with local entrepreneurs, start-ups and co-creation with education. In addition, sustainability is an integral part of FoodCity's philosophy; we offer an environment in which a great deal of attention is paid to people & the environment. Innovation is also an important keyword: FoodCity continues to innovate with varied, hip food concepts which are developed and implemented on the basis of what our customers demand. But the most important thing perhaps, is that we attach great importance to diversity.  Not only by offering a wide range of products, but also because we want every guest to feel welcome & at home at FoodCity!”, says caterer Appèl.

As from 2 September FoodCity is open for business at all locations. There are various discount promotions that week. How's that for starting the academic year off right...;)

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