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For the gram: the most stunning student hangouts in Deventer

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Influencers and bloggers on Instagram post amazing photos every day. But where are all these photos taken? We went in search of the most beautiful places in the Saxion cities of Apeldoorn, Deventer and Enschede and put together three handy lists, specially for you. So, let’s kick off with List No.1: Deventer.

In the city centre 

1. Walstraat 

The most photographed street in Deventer – perhaps even in Overijssel! Besides the fact that this street is so picturesque and simply oozing with history, you’ll also stumble across plenty of porticoes and the odd railing, perfect for leaning against for that casual shot. Kim&Loes show you how it’s done (in Deventer/Zwolle).

2. Havenkwartier (Port area) 

Industrial looks, cafés and bars, and creative entrepreneurs at the port. Here you’ll find some trendier, more industrial porticoes for creating your shots.

3. Side of the DAVO building

One of the walls of the DAVO Bieren building is covered in graffiti, making it the ideal backdrop for a great portrait photo.

4. Deventer Sluiskwartier 

Is graffiti right up your street? Then why not indulge yourself with some shots of street art or create self-portraits and strike different poses in front of it?

5. Burnside skatepark

Are more ‘rough and tumble’ settings more your thing? Then head to this skatepark! Note: If you take a photo of yourself with an artist/athlete in the background, make sure they are unrecognisable or ask them for permission! It’s just the polite thing to do.

6. L’Arc and Ciel Offices 

This remarkable building at Zutphenseweg 29 is super striking with its neon colours that reflect in the sunlight. 

7. Wilhelmina bridge 

This bridge is one of the most popular bridges in Deventer when it comes to photography. Here you can recreate your own version of travel influencers’ photos of the famous Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Bonus: a fantastic view of the Deventer skyline!  

8. Deventer town hall 

As a tourist in Deventer, it would be a crime not to take a photo of the town hall! Don’t forget to take a peek inside the building and take some nice photos of yourself.  

9. Piers on the other side of the river IJssel 

These piers (pier 1 and pier 2) on the IJssel are popular photo spots. So, hop on the boat across the river and check them out for yourself! 

Additional tip: Daylight is great for taking photos, but why not try doing a photo shoot at night? Especially in the dark, winter months, Deventer is a beautiful city to photograph thanks to all the lights (along the quayside, for example). And the view of the skyline from the other side of the IJssel is stunning! 

Instagrammable interiors and food photos 

1. Bagels & Beans 

Healthy vibes on your photo feed with beautifully made bagels and coffee/juice shots.   

2. Tea Rose 

Looking for a slightly less modern and more intimate vibe for your photo? Then head to Tea Rose on the Walstraat. Inside, it’s like walking into a typical English tearoom (there’s another one just across the street; Roemar). Order the high tea and your photo is complete! 

3. Meadow 

This new hotspot at Deventer city beach is the ideal place for taking summery beach photos. Right on the river IJssel, of course!

This was just a small selection, but there are many, many more! Want to discover more food hotspots in Deventer? Then follow Lunchen in Deventer on Instagram.

And as a student, you don’t have to walk into the city centre for that great Instapic. At the university there are also a few great spots to take your photos! 

  • The Bakery, on the ground floor of the building on Handelskade. 
  • The main lobby is also a regular haunt of photography fans thanks to the distinctive lamps on the ceiling. The large windows also mean that there’s plenty of natural light. And there’s also a big white bench featuring the Saxion slogan, ‘Get ready for a smart world’, in changing colours. 
  • The otswo at all Schools: lots of colour, great benches. So why not visit another floor or pop into another School to see if you can discover some more fantastic photo opportunities! Tip: The Jan des Bouvrie School on the first floor in D wing/adjacent to the main lobby has a great interior.... 

Want to discover more Instagrammable spots in Deventer? Then follow Bart Ros fotografie and Sander Korvemaker on Instagram. They regularly take photos in Deventer and surroundings. So you’ll know where to head for your next shot for the gram! Have we missed a hotspot or Deventer influencer from our list? Then let us know via And don’t forget to tag us if you’ve used one of these hotspots for your own photos! @saxionnl, @saxionuas or #saxionhotspot.

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