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Study with free Wi-Fi: the best hotspots in Enschede

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If you study in Enschede, I’m sure this situation will sound all too familiar... You have to really focus on a difficult subject or revise for an important exam, and when the weather is this nice you don’t feel like spending the whole day in the Saxion Library. What could be better than broadening your knowledge while sat in a charming café, enjoying a cappuccino and free Wi-Fi?

Fortunately, Enschede’s bustling city centre has plenty of places you can go to add the finishing touches to your project. Which is why I have listed some of the best locations here for you in this article. All you have to do to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi is order a sandwich or a strong cup of coffee... and get started!


One of my personal favourites is Zavor Coffee Specials. In this Afrikaans-style café you can enjoy a wide range of unique coffee and tea flavours from East Africa while you work on your thesis – using the free Wi-Fi. And your drink also contributes to a better world: the company is committed to improving the lives of local people in the coffee-producing areas of East Africa.

Bagels & Beans

Bagels & Beans is also popular among Enschede students. Thanks to the relaxed atmosphere in this cosy café, you can study in peace and quiet while enjoying a strong cup of coffee or a freshly prepared sandwich. The company is also committed to quality: Bagels & Beans uses exclusively natural products that are produced in a socially responsible manner.

Doppio Espresso

At the stylish coffee shop Doppio Espresso, you'll certainly find plenty of inspiration to write the conclusion for your project. The coffee shop offers both free Wi-Fi and enough sockets to guarantee that both you and your laptop will be able to keep going, and when the weather is nice you can also work outside on the terrace. In addition to an extensive choice of espressos, you can also enjoy traditional Italian teas, pastries and sandwiches.

In the train

Yep. Wait, that’s not a café...! No, but the trains to and from Enschede now have free Wi-Fi! The NS InterCitys have had it for a while, but for about a year now the Blauwnet trains between Enschede and Zwolle have also been offering the opportunity to work on your project without blowing through all your data! If you have to sit in the train for 45 minutes to get to Saxion, you might as well make the most of that time.(In fact, I’m writing this article on the train to Enschede...)

Blog: Politiek en cultuur in Washington DC

Daphne Striekwold

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