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Saxion, University of Twente and ABN Amro transfer shares in BTC Twente B.V.

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BTC Twente B.V. offers flexible leasing and rental concepts for business accommodation in combination with support services. Based in Enschede, the company focuses on innovative up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the Twente region, primarily in the field of technology. Since it was established in 1981, more than 700 companies had been based at BTC. After many years of involvement, Saxion, the University of Twente (UT) and ABN Amro are transferring their shares in BTC Twente B.V. to the Ten Hag Group.

In view of changes in the market, including a wider range of programmes and organizations aimed at facilitating up-and-coming (student) entrepreneurs, there is no longer a justifiable reason for (semi-) public players to hold shares in the BTC. This is why Saxion, UT and ABN AMRO have offered to transfer their shares to the other shareholders. Ten Hag Group will take over the shares. “Ten Hag has been involved in BTC for many years and has several start-ups and scale-ups in its portfolio. It is therefore fully acquainted with the needs and wishes of the users of the buildings managed by BTC,” said Ten Hag himself.

Wider choice
When it was launched in 1981, BTC’s role as incubator was unique in meeting the needs of up-and-coming (student) entrepreneurs. It continues to be of value to this group, both in general terms within the Twente knowledge ecosystem and for Kennispark Twente in particular. It has been and continues to be a source of pride for the knowledge institutions. However, since other public and private parties, such as Novel-T and Ten Hag Group, are now offering incubator activities, BTC's role has become less exclusive.

UT and Saxion continue to invest in entrepreneurship
UT intends to continue to invest the proceeds in the Kennispark area and will also continue its investments in business on campus. In order to develop the Kennispark, UT is currently working with local government in Enschede on a cooperation agreement with long-term investor Kadans Science Partner.

Saxion is investing in up-and-coming student entrepreneurs through the Saxion Centre for Entrepreneurship, based in Ariënsplein in Enschede, and the Gasfabriek innovation centre in Deventer. Key initiatives include the ‘Top Ondernemersregeling’, the Saxion Startup! Fund, Fast Forward (regional traineeship programme for graduates) and coaching for student entrepreneurs in growing their start-ups.

The formal transfer will take place soon.

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