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Escape room devised by students could help hospitals with patient safety

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Surely you have been in one: an escape room. Since last week, employees of the MST hospital in Enschede may even try to escape during working hours. Students from the Saxion Smart Solutions Semester came up with an escape room that helps employees apply the safety management system.

The hospital will be tested for patient safety by the Netherlands Institute for Accreditation in Healthcare in November this year, so it was up to the Saxion students to come up with something to prepare employees for this audit. “We wanted to come up with a fun, playful way for that,” says Mechatronics student Jordy van Dillen, who started working with eight fellow students from different study programs. "We did research into effective learning methods, an escape room emerged and the hospital itself also came up with the suggestion."

Technical gadgets

The multidisciplinary student team had divided the tasks well before developing the escape room. “The Creative Media and Game Technologies students created the puzzles and devised the storyline, the Creative Business students mainly focused on the advisory report and the Nursing students mainly shared their knowledge, which was very important. With my Mechatronics background, I myself have focused on the technical gadgets of the escape room. ”


The escape room is aimed at MST hospital nurses and doctors. That is why the first-year Nursing students have used the test panel. "We then incorporated the feedback we received from them into the escape room. All in all, it was a very nice assignment. We had a fun group and developing the escape room was very cool. The reactions were also very positive. the client's response was overwhelming, they were so happy. "

However, Jordy cannot say anything about the storyline of the escape room. "Perhaps the employees of the hospital will read along," he explains. "And of course we don't want to reveal anything."

Escaperoom MST

Smart Solutions Semester

At Saxion Smart Solutions, students from various degree programmes work together on different projects from our research groups and the business community. Working in cohesive team, innovation, creativity and collaboration are at heart of these projects.

Creative Media and Game Technologies students who worked on this project are Carine Hoiting, Leonie Boschker, Marit Hellings and Meike Kolk. Nursing students who worked on this project are Kirsten de Vries and Merel Koldenhof. Creative Business students who worked on this project are Nienke Katgert and Steffi van Dartel. Mechatronics student Jordy van Dillen also worked with them on this project.

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Tom Wassink

With a journalistic and a marketing background, Tom Wassink is always looking for a story as an online editor at the Marketing and Communication Department. In his spare time, both inside and outside the lines, he is mainly involved in sports, especially soccer.

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