Creative Technology Students kick off EPIC project in Spain

Last week, as part of the Erasmus+ project EPIC, five Saxion students from the School of Creative Technology travelled to Barcelona. During the project planning week, they became acquainted with their fellow international students, with whom they will work on assignments for different companies over the next few months.

EPIC is a project where, for one semester, students from eight different European universities and universities of applied sciences remotely work together on assignments in multidisciplinary teams. The students from the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland, Latvia, and Turkey will work on projects such as a cyber-training platform, self-driving cars and application development. Saxion research group Soil and Subsoil is also one of the clients.

As part of the Smart Solutions Semester, three Saxion Software Engineering students and two Creative Media & Game Technology students are involved in the project. They travelled to Barcelona last week to meet the other students in their project teams, develop the project plan and start on the assignment. Among other activities, the students also visited the MareNostrum 4 supercomputer.

A tutor from each of the two Saxion programmes, Etto Salomons and Hester van der Ent, accompanied the students to Spain as supervising tutors. Evelyn Eijkelenkamp, from the Fashion and Textile Technologies programme, is involved in the project as an online tutor for an intercultural communication workshop.