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Become a sustainable professional in the fashion and textile world

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    4 Years

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    € 2.530 per year

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    € 8.600 per year

Calling all ambitious textiles trailblazers! Join us on the Fashion & Textile Technology degree course and equip yourself with the necessary skills to spearhead the transformation of a dynamic global industry. Learn about sustainable materials and innovate with boundless creativity using the latest technologies, from 3D printing to data analytics. Become an international supply chain and circularity expert, ready to drive the positive changes so urgently needed by both people and planet. This is the future of textiles and we are here to get you off to a flying start as a global pioneer.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Industry and innovation

If you understand how a textile product is made, you can apply that knowledge to build something better. That is why this programme puts particular emphasis on the development of materials and products. The industry urgently needs to devise and implement more sustainable and smarter solutions to improve its outputs and outcomes. These solutions can be business, consumer or government led. European legislation, for example, now requires the textile industry to make significant sustainability changes in production as well as procurement. As this is a global endeavour with English as its working language, you will conduct your second year projects in English at CEFR B2 or C1 level. 

decent work and economic growth

Fair work and economic growth

Textile production takes place all over the world, but the majority happens in developing countries where workers are often exploited and paid low wages. We cover the supply chain extensively and examine where products really come from. We also calculate the cost of labour and assess the choice of production countries. The knowledge you acquire in this field can help challenge the status quo and lead to solutions that encourage fair wages for fair work. This is very important to us, so all subjects in the F&TT higher education programme focus on sustainable as well as fair production and consumption.

responsible consumption and production

Sustainable consumption and production

In our programme, you will learn how the textile industry works by examining, for example, how the supply chain is organised. With this knowledge, you are able to go a step further and therefore you are challenged to come up with solutions and ideas that can change the industry. For example, by developing sustainable ways of producing or offering sustainable products. In all subjects, the desire of the sustainable consumer is always central.

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During your studies in Fashion & Textile Technologies

This unique and versatile programme goes through the whole circle from raw material to finished product and back again. You will learn how traditional textile materials are made and how they can be used in new ways. Is it possible, for example, to charge your smartphone through your sportswear? You will source products from partners abroad, develop new, more sustainable materials and build a collection. You will also come up with and implement ideas on recycling.

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Opportunities after graduating in Fashion & Textiles

The Fashion & Textile Technologies programme has the hallmark of ‘Sustainable Higher Education’. This means that all parts of the programme focuses on sustainable production and consumption, innovation and fair work. You will not just become an expert in sustainability, but also a valuable all rounder with knowledge, spanning the breadth of the industry, from materials and buying, to putting together collections, sales and entrepreneurship. These skills will make you an indispensable link between the people who design, make and buy the clothes. With this degree in your pocket, you can apply to clothing companies anywhere in the world.

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