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Become a sustainable professional in the fashion and textile world

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    4 Years

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    € 2.314 per year (50% reduction for first-year EU/EEA students)

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    € 8.190 per year

"I'd like to make a big impact!" words of a former student who has been researching compostable underwear during her studies. At Fashion and Textile Technologies, we see it as our task to train conscious, positive-critical students for the textile industry of the future. Students who will make a difference in their later professional practice. Welcome to Fashion and Textile Technologies!

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Sustainable consumption and production

In our programme, you will learn how the textile industry works by examining, for example, how the supply chain is organised. With this knowledge, you are able to go a step further and therefore you are challenged to come up with solutions and ideas that can change the industry. For example, by developing sustainable ways of producing or offering sustainable products. In all subjects, the desire of the sustainable consumer is always central.

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Industry and innovation

The development of materials and products receives a lot of attention in the course. If you know how a textile product is made, you can build on that. For example, by knitting sensors into knitwear, you innovate the applications of knitting technology. The Textile Industry is also thinking about more sustainable and smarter solutions that can improve the world. For example, read how student Rachel Lourens designs clothing for blind women. European law requires the industry to apply sustainable changes in production and procurement. We will prepare you for this.

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Fair work and economic growth

The production of textiles is one that takes place all over the world. Many textiles are produced in developing countries (aka low-wage countries). We cover the Supply Chain, and we examine where products come from. We also calculate the cost of labour, and we assess the choice of manufacturing countries. With your knowledge of these topics, you will soon be able to choose solutions that involve fair wages and work.

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During your study programme

The unique and multifaceted education course goes through the entire cycle from raw material to finished product and back to raw material again. For example, you will learn how textile materials are made and how to use them in new ways. You can make use of the textile lab for practical research and experimentation. Is it possible to charge your smartphone through sportswear? You will buy products from partners abroad, develop new, sustainable materials and build a collection. You will also come up with and implement ideas on recycling.

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After graduation

You know everything there is to know about textile materials, innovative production methods, putting together a fashion collection, buying, selling and entrepreneurship. With your knowledge you are an indispensible link between fashion and textiles designers, makers and buyers. With your certificate and the Bachelor of Science qualification you can apply at (inter)national companies in the industry.

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