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The success of your studies also depends on the quality of your student life. So, what's it like to live as an international student in Enschede? What kind of activities are there? You can read all about it on this page!

Enschede for international students

Who better than an international student can tell you more about Enschede as a city for international students? Gloria is an International Business from Brazil and takes you on a one-minute-tour through Enschede.

  • Enschede is an internationally orientated city, with more than over 150 nationalities living along side each other. 
  • The city is located near by the border with Germany, so locals like to take a day trip to German cities nearby. 
  • After a day of working or studying, the local citizens like to visit the city centre or nature to unwind. Enschede offers a mixture of a vibrant city (nightlife) as well as plenty of outdoor activities to do in the nearby nature. 
  • Enschede is historically known in the Netherlands for the textile industry that bloomed over the years. 
Discover Enschede

Enschede is a pleasant city to build up your new student life. The city has a vibrant centre and has nature nearby. The international community is growing bigger and bigger, giving you the opportunity to make international friends for a lifetime!

Saxion has housing accommodation in Enschede for all of our first-year international students! After your first year, you can search for a room or studio in an (international) student accommodation. 

Here are a few leads to help you find a room in and around Enschede:

Go to our housing page

The campus in Enschede is the first real 'City Campus' in the Netherlands. It doesn't look like a traditional school at all, but you can feel the campus atmosphere! You will find different pavilions which lodge different types of education programmes. 

The campus does not consist of just classrooms, but also of working spaces for individuals or study groups. Most of Saxion's labs are located on the Enschede campus. The campus is a 5 minutes walk from the city town, so after class, you can easily find a study spot in the centre or have a drink with friends.

Enschede is located in the Dutch region called 'Twente'. Twente offers a dynamic environment, being the home of various educational institutions as well as leading innovative companies.

The region offers students several opportunities to find an internship at international and local companies. Moreover, Saxion works closely with companies located in the region by offering students the chance to work on projects with real companies or by organizing guest lectures together with inspiring companies. 

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Living in Enschede has been a great and comfortable experience. The city, despite being rather small, is bustling with activity and houses a large community of students.

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