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Your new international student life isn't only about studying. It's also about discovering and living in a new city, exploring a new culture and meeting new people. Find out more what's it like to life in Enschede as an international student.

Enschede as a city for international students

Tim Iborg is an International Human Resource Management student. Tim is originally from Indonesia but has lived most of his life in Germany. For his studies he moved to Enschede. ''Living in Enschede has been a pleasant and comfortable experience. The city, despite being rather small, is bustling with activity and houses a large community of students. Initially, finding accommodation was quite the hassle, in which I had a apply for several different rooms on However, with a positive attitude, I was able to find a homey student house with a comfortably-sized room and an amazing kitchen, with an affordable price range.''

Nightlife activities 

''After spending 3 years in Enschede, you have experienced quite the array of nightlife activities. The city center offers the classic nightclubs to club in. However, if going to the club is not your forte like me, there are many great bars in which you can simply have a drink with your friends and socialize. Enschede also offers other activities such as a bars with pool tables, darts and of course, many different restaurants – all diverse in culture.''

A mixture of city life and nature

''There are a few words that could summarize Enschede, and they are convenient and beautiful. Despite being a rather small city, Enschede has supermarkets, furniture stores, hobby stores and restaurants on every corner. By foot or by bike, all these places are so easy to navigate too without any hassle. One of my favorite places in Enschede is the Public park, also known as the Volkspark. Being right beside the city center, this beautiful park is the perfect place to escape into nature, picnic together with friends or taking a jog.'' 

Kennispark in Enschede

''Taking the train for 5 minutes would allow me to go to Enschede Kennispark, which has many different places for activities, my favorite being the cinema, where I would watch movies with my friends. Kennispark also has a laser tag and karting track, which is great fun to do together with friends on a weekend.''

Exciting activities to do with friends

''Overall, my 3 years in Enschede has been very great and pleasant, which essential stores like supermarkets being extremely conveniently placed, all the way to the city center, which provides many exciting activities to partake with my friends.''