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Young German man with short dark hair and glasses looks into the camera. He is wearing a jean jacket and a backpack. Behind him is a street with a tree and historial looking building.

Timothy is finding his passion

Timothy Karl Elia Iborg (19) is a first year student from Germany. "When I was applying for universities, I was searching for Human Resources majors which were international and used English as the main language. This is how I discovered Saxion University of Applied Sciences, located in the small yet cozy town of Enschede, the Netherlands."

Young Vietnamese woman with long dark hair and glasses looks into the camera. She is wearing a green parka. Behind her you can see the city of Enschede.

Bang Duong loves intercultural communication

Bang Duong (also called Nancy) is a 19 year-old student from Vietnam. "I decided to study in the Netherlands because its quality of education is highly appreciated and because it offers attractive scholarships for international students. Moreover, I was impressed that 95% of the Dutch can speak English, which means communication would not be a worrying problem. And above all, I believed that my characteristics quite fit with the Dutch."

Young Romanian woman with long dark blonde hair looks off camera to the right. Behind her are trees and tulips.

Iolanda enjoys the social aspect of things

Iolanda Andreea Rusu (19) is a first year student rom Romania. “I knew that I wanted to study abroad but I wasn’t sure which country I should pick. After a lot of thinking and reviewing dozens of universities, I decided that Saxion was best for me. Everything about it made me excited to want to study.”

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Studentlife in Enschede

Your new international student life isn't only about studying. It's also about discovering and living in a new city, exploring a new culture and meeting new people. Find out more what's it like to life in Enschede as an international student.

Davide is now a Talent Acquisition Partner at Viasat in Amsterdam

Davide comes from Italy and is now a Talent Acquisition Partner at Viasat in Amsterdam. He studied International Human Resource Management at Saxion and graduated in 2020. He shares his experience at Saxion and in the Netherlands, as a space where he could be truly himself and leverage his own strengths.