Course content

In four years, you will be trained as a sustainable textile specialist. You will be introduced to practice during the course, so that you can apply the theory immediately.


Project-based work

The first year is divided into 4 projects. The first project you will do on your own and for the other three you will work in a group. This way you will get a good and realistic understanding of the industry. You will also visit companies, develop a collection, work on textile innovations and discover what is involved in the production of clothing and textiles.

Study load

  • 40% Theory
  • 45% Practical and group work
  • 15% Study career counseling

The Fashion and Technologies programme is structured around the following themes

  • Into the Future
    You are going to research your interests and qualities, what the bachelor program has to offer and what your future as an F&TT professional will look like.
  • Collection
    How do I develop a collection that is commercial, marketable, sustainable and profitable and fits my target group? In order to achieve this, you’ll research the market and your target group. You also look at social and fashion trends, which you translate into useful ideas, concepts and designs.
  • Buying
    What does the supply chain of the fashion and textile industry look like and what do you have to consider as an international buyer? And how do you ensure a balance between people, planet and profit?
  • Material
    Brainstorming, innovating and sustainability are central. Once you’ve thought up an innovative idea, you will research the market to see if the idea is feasible. Then you will work out the idea together: which material works best, how do you research it and which lab tests should you do?

Most subjects are covered by the projects. You can think of lessons in the studio, the laboratory, the knitting room and the computer lab for the lessons Adobe and CLO3D. You will also follow subjects that are separate from the project. These are also the subjects for which you will take tests. In the first year you will be taught the following subjects:

  • Basic Textiles 1-4
  • Commerce
  • Communication
  • Research
  • English

You will also have some workshops that are focused on your personal development. Every quartile you will have at least one meeting with your study coach to discuss your progress, any difficulties you might have and if you need extra help with anything.

The important theme of sustainability runs through the F&TT programme like a thread. We will cover and reflect on topics like ethics and corporate social responsibility and look for solutions and alternatives to ensure the fair production of clothing and textiles.

More about the study structure

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Deepening your expertise

In the second year we will cover the same themes as the first year, but we will deepen your expertise in these areas. More will be expected of you in the projects you will do this year, but it will also become more interesting! You are actually going to buy products from our partners in China and India, extend your knowledge on creating a collection and do research for a fashion or textile company. You will start your second year by preparing for your internship and minor. The talks with your study coach will be of great help with exploring the options.

Be Brave magazine, gemaakt door studenten van de hbo-opleiding Fashion & Textile Technologies Saxion

Magazine made by second year students

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​Go international!

​This is the year you do your minor and your internship. You will have the opportunity to study with one of our partners in for example China, Spanje, England, Sweden, Indonesia or Canada for six months. You will also do your internship, for example in the purchase department of Tommy Hilfiger or G-Star. Or would you rather develop new materials for brands like Rev’it or FEBRIK? The choice is yours!


​Cooperation and graduation

​In your fourth year you will start with the Smart Solutions Project. Together with students of other study programmes such as Industrial Design, Electronics and Business Administration you will find a solution to a (real) problem a company is faced with. In the last six months you will do your graduation project either by and for yourself or with a company.

Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc)

The F&TT certificate and the Bachelor of Science qualification is your ticket to a role in a national or international company in the textile and apparel industry.