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You will be trained to become a sustainable textile specialist, in four years. Throughout the programme you will be encouraged to immediately apply theory to practical settings.


Project-based work

The first year of hbo Fashion & Textiles Technologies is divided into four projects; the first you conduct by yourself, the other three in groups. This gives you a good and realistic picture of the profession. You will visit companies, develop a collection, work on textile innovations and discover what goes into making clothes and textiles. Each quarter, you also take some subjects that support the overall F&TT study.

Study load

  • 40% Theory
  • 45% Practical and group work
  • 15% Study career counseling

The following themes are central to the programme 

  • Into the Future 
    You will investigate what your interests and qualities are, what the study programme has to offer and what your future work field as an F&TT professional looks like. 
  • Collection 
    How do you develop a collection that is commercial, marketable, sustainable, profitable and fits the target group? You start by researching the target group and the market. You also look at social and fashion trends, which you then translate into usable ideas, concepts and designs. 
  • Buying 
    What does the supply chain of the fashion and textile industry look like and what do you have to take into account as an international buyer? How do you ensure a balance between people, planet and profit? 
  • Materials 
    Brainstorming, innovation and sustainability are key here. Once you have come up with an innovative idea, you will research the market to see whether the idea is feasible. Then you will work out the idea together; which material works best, how do you research it and which lab tests should you do?

Most subjects fall under projects. These include lessons in the studio, the laboratory, the knitting room and the computer room for the Adobe and CLO3D lessons. You will also take subjects that are separate from the project, on which you will be tested. In the first year of the fashion programme, you will be taught the following subjects: 

  • Textiles 1-4 
  • Commerce 
  • Communication 
  • Research 
  • English 

In addition to the core study, you can opt in to workshops aimed at your personal development, allowing you to discover your strengths, or learn how to plan better, for example. Every quarter, you will have at least one meeting with your study coach to discuss how your studies are progressing and whether you would benefit from some extra help. The subject 'sustainability' is an important thread running through the programme. You will cover topics such as ethics and corporate social responsibility. You will learn how to think critically and look for solutions and alternatives for the fair production of clothes and textiles. Your skills can help future generations! 

More about the study structure

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Deepening your expertise

The second year of hbo Fashion & Textiles Technologies sees a deepening of the first year. You will work on the same themes: Buying, Collection, Material and Into the Future. 

Be Brave magazine, gemaakt door studenten van de hbo-opleiding Fashion & Textile Technologies Saxion

Magazine made by second year students

Download the magazine

We raise the bar in the second year. And it gets even more interesting! You will actually purchase products from our partners in China and India, gain even more knowledge of creating a collection and conduct research for a fashion or textile company. Now is the time to start preparing for your internship and minor, fully supported by your study coach. Together you will discuss what the possibilities are and find you the best fit.


​Go international!

​The third year of the programme focuses on your minor and your work placement. You will have the opportunity to study at one of our partners in, for example, China, Spain, England, Sweden, Indonesia or Canada for six months. You will also do an internship. Maybe you would like to gain experience in the purchasing department of Hünkemoller, Tommy Hilfiger or G-Star? Or perhaps you would rather develop new materials for Rev'it, FEBRIK or Ten Cate? The choice is yours! 


Collaboration and graduation

​You start the fourth year with a Smart Solutions Project, collaborating with students from across different programmes at Saxion, to devise a solution to an existing company problem. You could be working with students from Electronics, Business Administration and Industrial Design, to name just a few. This results in surprising ideas. We guarantee it! The last semester of the programme you graduate at a company or by yourself. 

Diploma: Bachelor of Science (BSc)

With your F&TT degree in your pocket, you can start working in the textile and fashion world. You get a taste of international opportunities during the programme, which will set you in good stead to apply for jobs anywhere you like. And of course, you can do so using your new title: Bachelor of Science. You’ve earned it!

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