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Digital Discovery Days: Fashion and Textile Technologies

The Digital Discovery Days provide you with all the info you need about your preferred study programme, from the comfort of your home! Join the online session about Fashion and Textile Technologies: meet lecturers, talk to current students and ask all your questions. You can get ready by watching the videos below and consulting the FAQ.

Frequently asked questions about Fashion and Textile Technologies

The main aspect in this programme is the development and the production of textile products. Besides that, we focus on materials, production techniques, fitting en sustainability. With all this, you can later become product developer at Tommy Hilfiger, material specialist at Ten Cate Protect or buyer at WE Fashion for example. But keep in mind: textiles can be found in a lot more products than you would probably think! Not only in clothing, but also in furniture, window coverings, airplanes, cars, roads, buildings, artificial grass, phone cases and in many other products. In all those sectors there is a high demand for people who can actually invent and produce textile products according to certain requirements. The industry is eagerly looking for professionals with skills in all parts of the textile production process.

Clothing is a big part of our study programme, but with us you learn even more about textile materials and its variety of applications. Important courses are supply management, the characteristics of different textile materials, production methods, laboratory testing, commercial aspects and fashion collection. You will basically learn the whole process from raw material to final product and even recycling.

You will have different types of lectures. The theoretical ones are, among others, knowledge about textiles, business English, commerce, research, buying and collection. The toppics of the practical courses are knitting, chemical and mechanical testing, construction techniques and creative applications. Also you will get guidance and counseling from teachers during consultation hours. You will also be able to book practice rooms in which you can work on your own projects. There will be one day per week without lectures during which you work on your own projects. You can even book rooms for that within the university.

No industry has a job guarantee unfortunately. But our graduates usually find a job after their study at Saxion, especially when they show flexibility. Not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad there are a lot of opportunities in this exciting industry!

That's true, we indeed got certified by the Dutch organization Hobeon. That means that we pay special attention to sustainability in the textile production, for example by using eco-friendly materials, establishing sustainable production processes, reducing CO2 emissions and ensuring ethical production with fair labour conditions. You will notice those aspects continuously during your lectures, but also in the design of the projects which you will have to carry out during your study with us. The textile industry needs to change and that can only happen with critical people in it who know what they are talking about and are ready to take brave decisions.

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