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Do your master's at Saxion

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Looking for a full-time master’s degree programme? Saxion offers a number of international and regular full-time master’s programmes. Here is what’s on offer!

Full-time master’s degree programmes at Saxion

Saxion has several master’s programmes you can do straight after your bachelor’s. Some of these master’s programmes have an international focus and are taught entirely in English.

Master of Arts in Management

Would you like to know how to run and develop a business? The Master of Arts in Management, taught in English, is perfect for you! After completing this master’s you’ll know the ins and outs of management and how to steer an organisation to success. You will also learn about key challenges in the fields of innovation, sustainability and the use of smart technology.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration is an English programme intended for professionals who want to improve their business, management and leadership skills. This master’s prepares managers for organisation-wide leadership and decision-making. The programme has a thematic approach to leadership development. Personal development and coaching are central themes. Is the Master of Business Administration for you?

Master of Science in Applied Nanotechnology

The Master of Science in Applied Nanotechnology is unique in the Netherlands (and in English)! The key distinguishing factor of this master’s is its focus on the development of micro and nanotechnology based on products and applications. The fusion of elements from biology, chemistry, electrical engineering and physics leads to new nanotechnological materials and devices with unprecedented properties. Interested in the, Master of Science in Applied Nanotechnology? The next one starts in September.

Master of Facility and Real Estate Management

Our society is facing major challenges in developing a more sustainable environment while trying to anticipate disruptive technology, such as blockchain and IoT. These complex strategic issues require experts who can look at housing from a broader perspective, from beyond the borders of their own profession. In collaboration with the University of Greenwich, Saxion offers this unique, one-year-English-programme, Master of Facility and Real Estate Management. Is this the master’s for you?

Master of Innovative Textile Development

The Master Innovative Textile Development trains you to become an expert in textile innovation. This English programme has a unique focus on innovation in textiles, in the broadest sense of the word. A fantastic spring board into the international world of textiles! Is this the master’s for you?

Master ICT: Software Engineering

During this English-language master's, you will improve your skills as a software engineer to take the lead in the innovation of ICT systems. The field of software engineering is always evolving. How do you design software for systems-of-systems? And what does it take to automate data analysis using AI? In this master's, you will become a software specialist who can tackle complex software-related problems from design to realisation and management. Can you see yourself doing the Master's in ICT: Software Engineering?

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