Useful apps for international students in the Netherlands
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Essential Apps for International Students in the Netherlands

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Settling into a new country can be daunting, especially if you're not familiar with the local language, customs, and infrastructure. Luckily, technology can be your friend in this case, as there are many useful apps that can help you ease into your new life in the Netherlands.

NS Reisplanner (Dutch Railways) 🚆

This app is essential for navigating the public transportation system in the Netherlands. It provides information about train schedules, delays, and cancellations. You will probably use it every week if not every day. 

Plan your first trip!

Buienradar ☔

This is no secret, the weather in the Netherlands is unpredictable, and rain is often knocking at the door anytime. Luckily, you can get up-to-date weather information, including precipitation radar and weather maps on Buienradar! 

Download Buienradar
buienradar - most useful apps in the Netherlands

Tikkie 💸

This app is almost a national symbol of the Netherlands. It allows users to quickly and easily send payment requests to friends and family only with a phone number. You will use it often if you need to split expenses with classmates or roommates. The only requirement is a Dutch bank account. 

Send your first Tikkie

WhatsApp 📞

You might already know the green app but maybe don't use it yet. In the Netherlands, almost everybody communicates (or sends Tikkies) through WhatsApp. Pro tip: download the desktop app so you don't leave anybody on unread for too long!

Download WhatsApp

Grammarly 🤓

Grammarly is a free writing assistant that will help you on a daily basis: email, texts, essays... This app checks grammar and spelling, suggests better word choices, and provides feedback on sentence structure. If English is your second language (or third, or fourth?), this is the perfect app to make it easy for you when writing a text. 

Discover Grammarly

Goin’ 👯

Meet your future friends! This app is here to connect with fellow students of similar interests. You can get info about events around you, get easy access to resources and simply build your social circle here in the Netherlands.

Discover Goin'

Marktplaats 🤝

The largest online marketplace in the Netherlands offers a wide range of new and used goods for sale. You might find this app helpful for buying and selling items to furnish your place, and maybe get your first bike.

Go to Marktplaats

Vinted 👗

Need to buy second-hand clothes for a small price? Vinted is the place! you can also sell your own clothes if your closet is overflowing, some of your items might get a second chance.

Sell or buy on Vinted

Thuisbezorgd 🍔

This is the Dutch Uber Eats! For late-night study or lazy Sundays, order food online from a wide range of restaurants and fast-food chains around you.

Order some food

Too Good To Go 🥗

Too Good to Go will help you to save money and reduce food waste! It connects you with local stores and restaurants, that offer their leftovers for a reduced price. What's best than that? 

Save a meal and save money
Portrait of Noemie Villard

Noémie Villard

Noémie is a Creative Content Specialist at Saxion, with special attention to international students.

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