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What can a student counsellor do for you? Lotte Beernink explains!

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Students who have a physical or learning disability, students who have care duties, students who are refugees... Lotte Beernink supports these students in her role as a student counsellor. But what else does a student counsellor do and what can you turn to them for? “I think there are many more students who could use some help, need practical support or just a listening ear, but they don’t know where to find us.”

Can you tell us what you mean to students as a student counsellor?

"As a student counsellor, I am the first point of contact for students, especially on matters related to their degree programmes. If the student can’t reach an agreement with their study coach or if they need to ask someone else for advice, I am ready to help in my role as a student counsellor. We can help students with questions or problems related to laws and regulations, financial support and personal circumstances."

What subjects do you discuss with the students?

"This varies immensely. It could be about financial matters, DUO, advice on enrolling and deregistration, rules on tuition fees or private funds in the case of study delay. Students can also talk to us about their personal circumstances, about care duties or being a parent so that we can help them find the best way to approach their studies."

Can students also come to you with questions related to the Examination Board?

"Yes. We also offer support for complaints and conflict situations. Students can also come to us for help in lodging an appeal against the Examination Board. We look together at their options."

What should students do if they want to use special facilities for exams?

"We can help them here, too. The law differentiates between exam facilities, educational facilities and material resources. Based on the particular situation, we write a recommendation letter if a student wants to make use of these facilities."

How can students get in touch with a student counsellor?

"We have our own tile on and we’re also working on a new page allowing students to access our page with a single click. We can also be reached at our e-mail address: Students who aren't sure who they need to go to or have any questions can contact us via this e-mail address. We also work with a booking page where students can plan their own appointments."

The diversity of Saxion students and the different kinds of questions they ask us make our work challenging and interesting. We can help them with many different topics. If you’re worried about something, just make an appointment. Together we can achieve more!

Lotte Beernink
Lotte Beernink

Do you also have consultation hours?

"Yes. We have drop-in consultation hours in Enschede. Students or colleagues can drop in with quick questions. In this way, we hope to reach students in a low-key manner."

Is a Student counsellor the same as a Students’ psychologist?

"It’s good to know that we work with the Study Success Centre. This includes various disciplines: student counsellors, students' psychologists, study skills coaches, language coaches, Career Services and confidential intermediaries for students. Students' Psychologists mainly focus on all aspects of psychological well-being. Student counsellors often deal with study-related issues, such as study delay due to special circumstances or situations where legal regulations apply."

I know that there is a code of conduct for confidential intermediaries. Does that also apply to student counsellors? Can students open up to you without worrying that their private information will be passed on to third parties?

"We work confidentially and independently. This means that we do not work for the School. That is very reassuring, especially when we are looking at study advice or a complaint so that we can give independent advice. We register everything in a secure environment which does not give access to anyone working for Saxion. We treat the student’s information confidentially."

Elcin Coraklar (Fotografie: Patrick Ooms)

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